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[DSI] Threats Lurk in the Bank - Cixi Stage
Stage info:

I think the drop rate for Cixi on 5F and 10F is like the drop rate of PR mats for Sealed Lords SMs and NMs respectively, so farm at 10F if you're able.

Might gradually write up the other floors if there's a need. For now, the 10F strat I'm using is straight off Bahamut.

Yusuke + Raizen / Xi Shi / Lucy / Erza + Yusuke (DC that ignores Puzzle Shield)

Wave 1: Grind for Lucy and Yusuke.
Wave 2: Turn on Lucy, Spirit Gun with Ally Yusuke. Remember where your Hearts are.
Wave 3.1: Transform Ally Yusuke, burst with Mega Spirit Gun + Erza. Don't dissolve Hearts.
Wave 3.2: Mega Spirit Gun will set up to dissolve whole board.
Wave 4: Spirit Gun with Leader Yusuke, then Transform. Don't dissolve Earth.
Wave 5: Burst with Erza. Don't dissolve Dark.
Wave 6: Burst with Mega Spirit Bomb + DC. Trigger Ignore Puzzle Shield on DC.
Wave 7.1: Burst with Raizen + Erza.
Wave 7.2: Burst with Spirit Gun + Erza + Xi Shi.

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
5th Floor
Erza + Kurapika*/Laxus/Jellal/Mavis + Erza + (Molded Spell - Exquisite or any damage boosting craft):
*May be replaced by another damage boosting/busting member

1) Spin.
2) Spin. Use Erza's skill if needed.
3) Spin. Use Erza's and Laxus's skills if needed.
4) Spin.
5) Activate Kurapika's 1st skill if ready. Use Erza's skill. Trigger DC if needed.
6A) Use Erza's skill and spin.
6B) Activate all skills (with Jellal's skill last) and burst with DC.

6th Floor
Lucy + Erza/Wendy/Kurapika*/Jellal + Lucy + (Spiral Tyrannical Spell or any damage boosting craft):
*May be replaced by another damage boosting/busting member (eg Laxus)

1A) Spin. You may stall here a bit but make sure to allow the enemy to only hit you once (ie 1 lighted orb).
1B) Activate Lucy's skill and spin 6 combos.
2) Spin carefully.
3A) Activate Lucy and Erza's skill and spin from green to red vortex.
3B) Switch Kurapika. Activate 2nd skill and Wendy's, Lucy's and Erza's skills. Activate Jellal's skill for easy 7 combos. Burst with DC.

7th Floor
Lucy + Gray/Juvia/Cai Wenji/Florice + Lucy + Spiral Tyrannical Spell (or any damage boosting craft):

1) Spin and stall for CDs if needed.
2) Activate Lucy's skill and spin while dissolving as many Light runes as possible.
3) Spin while careful not to make any Light combos.
4A) Spin while dissolving as many Earth runes as possible.
4B) Spin.
5) Activate Lucy's skill and Unison Raid
6A) Spin and dissolve as many runes as possible. Stall to remove leftover Frozen runes.
6B) Switch Florice and activate 2nd skill. Activate Unison Raid, Lucy's, and Cai Wenji's skills. Spin and burst with DC.

8th Floor
Killua + Biscuit/Biscuit/Darkness/Yang Jian + Gon + Aggressive Pique Spell (or any damage boosting craft):
*May be replaced by another damage boosting/bursting member

1) All skills will be ready. Spin and make sure to dissolve Earth/Dark runes.
2A) Activate Darkness. Activate Biscuit's skill to produce Hearts. Use switched Biscuits' 1st skill to give Heart runes. Make sure to dissolve as many Hearts as possible each turn to replenish EP and heal continuously.
2B) Activate Yang Jian's skill. Remove debuff by piling your own buffs: Switch Killua and ctivate 2nd skill; Switch Gon and activate 2nd skill. Spin and burst with DC.

9th Floor
Lucy + Natsu*/Mirajane/Pupuro/Florice + Lucy + Aggressive Pique Spell (or any craft that ignores Initial Shield):
*Ideally replaced by Gray or Juvia (So I messed up in my run because I thought the skill of the boss is Enchanted Fire Puzzle shield, which was not the case)

1) Spin and dissolve as many Light runes as possible.
2) Spin and be careful not to dissolve any Light runes.
3A) This is tricky. Use Mirajane to extend spin time for easier dissolving of required rune numbers. You have to do the first (or last) spin manually though because Mirajane's skill only lasts for 3 turns. 
3B) Spin. Stack Light runes as needed. May use Natsu's 2nd skill or Florice's 1st skill to simplify the board.
4) Spin carefully and make sure to do 7 or more combos. The Heart columns should help you out a bit.
5A) Activate Lucy's and Pupuro's skill. Spin and burst with DC.
5B) Switch Florice and activate 2nd skill. Activate Lucy's skill and spin. May use Mirajane's skill for more combos.

10th Floor
Ying Zheng + Hiei*/Ghroth*/Zhuge Liang/Samle + Ying Zheng + Aggressive Timely Spell (or any damage boosting craft):
*It is important that Hiei and Ghroth are right next to each other

1) Spin and stall CDs as long as possible.
2) Spin carefully.
3A) Spin. Don't dissolve Heart runes.
3B) Dissolve all Locked runes. You can stall CD here if needed.
4) Spin. Don't dissolve Earth runes.
5) Spin. Don't dissolve Dark runes.
6) Use YZ's skill to make Enchanted Fire runes then solve puzzle accordingly.
7A) Use Hiei's first skill along with Zhuge Liang's and Samle's skills. Spin and dissolve as many runes as possible.
7B) Use YZ's skill to make 10 each of Enchanted Water, Earth and Fire runes (any order). Switch Hiei and use 1st skill to explode Hiei and Ghroth's columns to produce Enchanted Dark and Fire runes. Use Ghroth's skill. Spin and burst with DC. 

Thanks Sayokyoku! I didn't have time to get around to it this week. 

All 10 stages in a playlist here:

5th floor: Dual Aqua + Mitsurugi, PR Cassandra, 2x filler water members
1, 2) Spin through while stalling CD a bit. You can do this on the 7 combo shield enemy by spinning 6 combos.
3) Spin through, Mitsurugi if you have a bad board.
4, 5) Turn on Cassandra. Spin through.
6a) Aqua skill 1 if ready, spin manually if not.
6b) Full burst with Aqua skill 1, Mitsurugi if available, DC

6th Floor with Dual Erza + Kurapika, 2x filler human, 1x filler elf

1a, 1b, 2) Spin through. Turn on Kurapika to speed things up when ready
3a) Erza and spin through
3b) Burst with Erza, Kurapika switch and EP skill 2, DC if needed

7th Floor with Dual Yusuke + AR Yuki-Onna, PR Florice, Cai Wenji, filler water human/elf/demon
1) Kill within 4 turns
2) Kill within 2 turns
3) Spin through while stacking light runes. You can burst with Yusuke skill 1 when ready
4a) Spin through, use Yuki-Onna when ready
4b) Spin through, use Yusuke skill 1 to help burst down
5) Yusuke switch and EP skill 2
6a) Spin through
6b) Full burst with Florice EP skill 2, Yusuke, Cai Wenji, DC

8th Floor with Dual Megumin + Kula, Sensui (can replace with a card that clears debuffs), 2x filler humans (make sure you have at least 3 attributes in team)

1) Kula to charge DC. Spin normally
2a) Megumin skill 1
2b) Megumin skill 2, spin through

9th Floor with Dual Aqua + Water Lionel, Gretchen Machina, PR Giemsa, Mitsurugi

1) Use low combos to kill in 4 turns
2) Spin through if you can, Mitsurugi if not
3a) Spin through
3b) Spin through if you can, Mitsurugi if not
4) Spin through
5a) Wait one turn. On the second turn spin 5+ rune types to trigger damage reduction. On the third turn, burst with Gretchen and Aqua skill 1. 
5b) Full burst with all skills left: Giemsa both skills, Mitsurugi, Water Lionel, DC 

10th Floor with Dual Ying Zheng + Lancelot, Rider Knap, Neferpitou, Xi Shi - 1st attempt on day 1

1, 2) Stall CD and charge DC. You can do this on stage 2 by dissolving 1 orb less than required or just ignoring the vortex. Remember heart runes before moving on. Turn on Lancelot when ready.  
3a) Spin through while stacking heart runes
3b) DC to clear marked runes
4) Lancelot skill 2 and spin non-earth runes if needed to get rid of the earth runes. 
5) Spin if you have a good board, Ying Zheng if not. 
6) Ying Zheng if you need fire runes. Neferpitou to fill in the puzzle shield
7a) Spin through
7b) Ying Zheng for dark runes if available. Then burst using Xi Shi and DC

10th Floor with Dual Ying Zheng + Lancelot, Hiei, PR Yog, Samle - farming team
1) Spend 3 turns here

2) Spin through, remember heart runes
3a) Spin
3b) Spin once to clear as much of the board as possible, kill on the second turn
4) Turn on Lancelot skill 2 and Yog skill 2. Avoid earth runes (save Hiei). 
5) Spin through, avoid dark runes
6) Hiei for fire runes
7a) Ying Zheng for Fire/Dark/Earth, Hiei switch
7b) Ying Zheng for Water/Fire/Earth, Yog skill 1, Samle

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Math shield + Tumblr has got to be one of the worst shields ever. So difficult Sad
I'm replying on my phone so this is a bit tough. I know it's late but better than never.

Stage 7 passed with all maxed
Eve, Kejourou/ Yog-Sothoth/ Pupuro/ Ghroth + Eve
Basically a grind and try not to die game.
Kill that shet with Pupuro and all burst


Stage 8 passed with all maxed
PompeiiA, Smilodon/ PompeiiB/ Marchosias/ Isabel + PompeiiC

Stage 1 just try to charge up the mech meter
Stage 2A make sure to do at least 20% damage every round. Round 1: on Isabel + PompeiiA
Round 2: PompeiiC / self spin if can do 20%
Round 3: PompeiiB / self spin if can do 20%
Round 4: IMPORTANT! **on craft**
Round 5: normal spin

Stage 2B Marchosias and normal spin
PompeiA should be up next round n just kill that shet

*Can replace Pompeii B with converter or anything to make sure to help do the 20% damage

Kthxbye hope it helps
[Image: qxQrZYD.png]

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