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[DSI] Kiss the Guillotine - Shire Ultimate
Farming with Athena, Rakasha, DBK, Matryoshka, Kurama.

Kurama can try to get you 3 hearts to keep the recovery boost up in case you need multiple rounds to clear the overheal shield.

Guild: [EN]ForumUnited1 - Guild 126823, all are welcome, no level or play requirements
1* Achievement (All Earth)
Qing Gui + PR Barbara/PR Byakhee/VR Refinement Shu*/Rattasauridae* + Qing Gui + Aggressive Suspire Amulet (or any craft that recovers HP and/or produces Heart runes):

*Shu or Rattasauridae are not really needed since you can just spin away through the Weathered runes, although Rattasauridae does give attacking runes and boosts QG's attack (via Team Skill). PR Nidhogg is a good replacement and can help in the Overheal stage with his second Active skill.

2* Achievement (All Dark, All Elf)
SR Daji + Rose*/Rose*/Xi Shi*/VR Divergence Saruman + SR Daji + Necrofan Seal:

*Rose and Xi Shi can be freely replaced by other Dark Elves like Yao Hou, Komatsuhime, Papaver, Sengo Muramasa or Obsidian.


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