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Combo Trainer for Android users
If you're running android, use this one called Combo Trainer:

Mobile site


I've been using this since Feb. and kept it a secret sort of but now is a good time to share Wink

This is WAY better than Turn the gems since you can practice and improve your combos, Greeks, Sirius & Dual Sirius timers etc. etc. even if you don't own Greeks/Sirius in the game.

The flow of moving the runes on the board has the same feel as TOS and doesn't feel laggy like Turn the gem AND it's A LOT easier to set your board.

[Image: 0.jpeg][Image: 1.jpeg][Image: 4.jpeg]

One-time mode: This is where you set you're board and allows you to put up a screenshot of you're in-game board so it's easier to set up

Cascading mode: This teaches you the play-by-play of each break that is created. Best place to learn pyramid stacking manually and with Time Tunnel skills.

Dropping mode: (not Droppiong mode lol) In this mode, it's basically like playing the game. The board will spawn with random runes and you can keep breaking to your heart's content. Best place to learn your rune movement (like moving runes diagonally) and combos. You can also learn Greek style by putting it in the settings and Dual Sirius by changing the timers to 1.25 seconds. Only thing that's lacking is a PR Starter and Time Tunnel mode but I think that's acceptable :p

It's no longer available in play store so you need to download the apk file for it.

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Thanks! Been looking for one!

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Nice, thanks for sharing.

Really in need of a program like this Big Grin

[Image: 8f13394b.jpg]

Lots and lots of team cost to go.
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finally..!! thx for sharing !
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thx for these Smile .

ya have been using turn the gem, but abit slow lol
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