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Chronos Gate Release May 2016
(09-20-2017, 08:03 PM)tanghao Wrote: It seemes that the game is out!
Any idea on how to download it?
i tried the app stores you suggested, but i can't find it...

Chronos Gate is dead, last I saw it (I quit when they completely dropped English language news updates). 

An official apk is available from, but it hasn't updated since January, looks like. No clue if the servers are even still up or not, tbh. 

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The game was dead and I think they did shutdown already. Most of the artworks and series were recycled on TOS or Oneiric tales

The playstyle was too much towards players with good eye hadn coordination.

And the rounds took to long.

If i would suggest them a game mechanic they could 'borrow' i would taket Crash Fever. Based on understanding game mechanic, board preperation and team building. It lacks something like the spinning skill.

Personally I played and never managed to understand what I was really doing, and how every block worked, so I uninstalled on third day. I really felt bad because the game didn't go too far, then Oneiric Tales comes out, looks cool, but I won't even try because they decided to keep it region locked with no English translation.

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