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Chronos Gate Release May 2016
MH officially announced the realease of Chronos Gate in May 2016.

Who will test it out? And do we want to forum a CG -forumunited- team/clan/guild??

I did sign up for the tgs bonuses so I'll probably try it out for a while at least.

Do they even have a guild system though?

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i did register... but suck at think fast act fast games. maybe will download but not sure whether will play it continously afterwards...

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I have the feeling that the overall structure, cards, elements, lvl ups, etc, is quite similar to TOS, so i expect guild too.

The playstyle itself needs other player skills than TOS, that is true.
i did sign up too, so i think i'll play it, also because i've never played a game since the day of the release, and i really want to "feel" it  Big Grin

if we are going to form a guild, i'll really love to be part of it.

btw, anyone knows how to download the app? i'm in italy and i can't find it in the app store  Dodgy
Not teleased yet. A good en store for Asian apps is Qooapp. I will try it there if it isnt released in Germany
Or try 1mobile app store
It seemes that the game is out!
Any idea on how to download it?
i tried the app stores you suggested, but i can't find it...

I managed to found it here, but still it says coming soon.
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i think they will announce the date release in the TOS announcements
I'm from Spain, so excuse my language mistakes, "beaches" Big Grin

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