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Celebration Events November 19 - 25 Mysterious Treatment

1) 5 daily login diamonds
2) Guild War on Tuesday-Friday with 2x bonus stamina refills
3) Merbromin Ultimate Stage and Stamina refill
4) Rate up for Cat Thieves on Friday, diamond draw gets you Zero's costume
5) New LR Pass Stages: Douman Ashiya and Francis Ultimate Stages. Metallic Dragon, The Wonderful Fairytale and Angeloid Bi-weeklies
6) Hyakki Yagyo Bi-weeklies return
7) Half Stamina Crafting Day

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds

Time: 19 Nov (Mon) – 23 Nov (Fri)

1 Diamond will be given daily during this period. Log in everyday to get a total of 5 Diamonds!


★ 2nd Event: Guild War “Humming from the Darkness”

Time: 20 Nov (Tue) 16:00 – 23 Nov (Fri) 15:59

Baizaku is going to tear you off.

For more details, visit:

* No Truce Period this time


★ 3rd Event: Ultimate Stage “Cure to Kill”

Time: 23 Nov (Fri) 22:00 to 25 Nov (Sun) 23:59

She looks like a girl, but actually is…


* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get the rare Craft Reward

* Complete the stage “Cure to Kill” 3 times to get the Outfit of “Secret Panacea – Merbromin”


★ 4th Event: Source of Victory

Time: 24 Nov (Sat) – 25 Nov (Sun)

Log in within the event period to receive Stamina Refill x1! (The Stamina Refill must be used within the event period)


* Important:

Login on 24 Nov (Sat) – 25 Nov (Sun) to receive Stamina Refill x 1 in “Community” → “Rewards”

The Stamina Refill must be used within 24 Nov (Sat) – 25 Nov (Sun).


★ 5th Event: Diamond Seal Event “Non-stopping Meows”

Time: 23 Nov (Fri)

During the event period, chances of drawing rare Characters from “Calling of Cathieves” will be significantly increased!


★ 6th Event: “LR Pass” Stages Available

Time: 19 Nov (Mon) Update

More stages are open in the LR Pass! You can purchase them whenever you want!


Stages available:

“LR Pass – The Unyielding Hatred”

“LR Pass – Secret Deal on the Sea”

“LR Pass – The Ancient Dragon”

“LR Pass – The Wonderful Fairytale”

“LR Pass – Angeloids the Missing Feathers”


★ 7th Event: Outfits of Rare Characters for “The Master Cathieves”

Time: 23 Nov (Fri) – 1 Jan (Tue)

During the event period, the Outfits of the following Rare Characters will be available!


Drawing a card from the specific drawing machines will grant you the Outfit of “Carefree Mindset – Zero”!

Specific drawing machines include:

“Seal of the Engraver – Part 1”

“Seal of the Carver – Part 2”

“Calling of Cathieves”


* Outfits of Other Rare Characters will be out soon. Stay tuned!


★ 8th Event: Return of Bi-Weekly Mission “Hyakki Yagyō – Charm”

Time: 19 Nov (Mon) – 30 Dec (Sun)

The “Hyakki Yagyō – Charm” Series is back!  A new Stage will be available every week! Drop rate of this Series Characters will also increase during the event period!


Stages available and corresponding period:

“Frustration of Youkai – Water” – 19 Nov (Mon) – 2 Dec (Sun)

“Frustration of Youkai – Fire” – 26 Nov (Mon) – 9 Dec (Sun)

“Frustration of Youkai – Earth” – 3 Dec (Mon) – 16 Dec (Sun)

“Frustration of Youkai – Light” – 10 Dec (Mon) – 23 Dec (Sun)

“Frustration of Youkai – Dark”  – 17 Dec (Mon) – 30 Dec (Sun)


★ 9th Event: Bonus Stamina

1st Bonus Period:  20 Nov (Tue) – 21 Nov (Wed)

2nd Bonus Period: 22 Nov (Thur) – 23 Nov (Fri)


Stamina Refill x 1 will be given to Summoners who used Diamond to recover Stamina for the first time during the designated period (The Stamina Refill will never expire). A total of 2 Stamina Refills can be obtained.


★ 10th Event: Required Stamina for “Crafting Day” Reduced by Half

Time: 21 Nov (Wed), 23 Nov (Fri) & 25 Nov (Sun)

During the event period, the required stamina for entering the stage of “Crafting Day” will cost 50% less! Happy farming!

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
so guild war and the membromin SM are the only things that i will be focused on


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