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Celebration Events “Dancing in the War” Jan 9 (Mon) – Jan 13 (Fri)
Well traditionally Friday the 13th is any slashers (hence the B movie that we love lol), so they could add a themed special card just for fun Big Grin (skirting the copyright of course!)

Have: Greeks; Barbhogg; Samael; CP (RH:LYR); PR Jack; Marguerite; YJ;  Luno; PR Inanna; Gaia, Aether & Erebus;PR Diablo; Giemsa;HFD; VR Loki;Madam Chyang, Princess Sara; Sera, Bael, Abraham, Chessia; Perython; PR Dodo;S.Quan+QiaoSisters, ZhugeLiang; Izanagi, Izanami, Tsukuyomi; PR ShutenDoji, Elizabeth; Dionysus; MarkII, Agnesi;Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot.

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RE: Celebration Events “Dancing in the War” Jan 9 (Mon) – Jan 13 (Fri) - Revdarian - 01-06-2017, 10:38 PM

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