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Celebration Events “Band of Warriors” 21 Nov 2016 - 27 Nov 2016
I only played these stages 7 times, so perhaps not very accurate information, but I had 5 Uranus drops. But the 'randomness' of TOS varies wildly and I also had a 100% boss drop rate so far, which is very unusual.

yea boss drop is good though... when i farmed Light/Dark Rider, most non drop was 2 consecutive runs no drop. but dropped most of the time.
this Metallic Dragon, Extra achievements need at least 2 runs... so far done Water and Fire and got both cards as well.

RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
err... no one talking about the costume stages and those special event's stages?
I tried to search for starter's costume discussion, and couldnt find it.

I guess people are just relying on the wiki? I have videos up for all the stages so far on my channel for reference.

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[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
well... i did make some comments/rant as anonymous at Wikia...
that pay 2 dimes for Sean outfit and 1 dime refill 10 fail runs this Babylon team was me... even dont want to admit it.... Sad
RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
I feel ya Rx, i am still trying hard at Sean and am pissed off that the babylon event ate a diamond since i was too asleep to notice.
I will do that Sean stage w/o paying out of being an obstinate bastard, i want my diamond back darnit! >.<

edit to add:
Will try PR Inanna/ML/Luna/PR Light Schema (90% armor ignore)/Yan/PR inanna or similar against that doodoo head of Sean! >.< ... i will practice my ass off with the spinning to do 5m in 3 spins... other option for me would be to try Aether/Circe/Dagon/Basti/Unicorn or PR Diablo/Aether... in this case i would pop Aether+Basti against our 6m defense pal. Amduscias+Aether against Sean itself. Sounds doable and not too hard but it all depends on the sky drops.
Leaders I'm MISSING
Black: WaterXi, Rakhshasa,  Maya, Atlantis,Pompeii. 
VR: Seth, Daji, DBK, W. CN God. 
PR: Yunyang, Ninurta, dark babilonian. 
Rares: Satan, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Amaterasu, Sakura, Azathot, XHD, LDB+waifu,SHJ, Mai, iori, Turing.
For costume stages I used

L/D - barbhogg
W/F - Pontos
E - Virgo/Wukong
IGN: Vels
ID: 65249798
Main Ally: Various (currently All-Max PR Elizabeth)
Looking for: Elizabeth, Tyr, Sigurd etc
For costume stages:
Water: Pontos
Fire: Well stalled Duo Freyr (Jinnie untrained)
Earth: Hades Wukong
Light: Barbahogg
Dark: Barbahogg

Overall easy, just find ways to exploit the mobs like using Hades Wukong for the non-Phantom stages.
ID: 25923781
Looking for: Freyr, Aether, Ninurta, Namtar, Artemis, Beelzebub, Barbara, Apollo, Pontos, Chessia, 
Main Allies: (Double Max+ unless stated) Aether, Freyr, Ninurta, Artemis (CD12), Lucy (CD16), Pontos
Level 237

I cleared the costumes' stages with below:
Light and Dark - Barbara, Byakhee, medusa, mufasa, nidhogg, ally nidhogg
Water - RD, Medea, Circe, Nidhogg, Medusa, ally YJ
Earth - Idun, ML, Luna, Mina + fusion, ally wukong
Fire - Innana, ML, ML, Luna, Mina, ally Inana (bring DC -50% def). Took 3x, because too stubborn to activate ML earlier.
Molly: DP/YJ with all green except DP
Sean: Beez
Duncan: Beez+Wukong
Nathaniel: Beez
Endor: Beez
[Image: kkkeFG7.png]
ID: 67339257

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