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Cassandra & Atk Absorbing Skills(TYR Example)
So if Cassandra activates her skill then TYR activates hers, how much atk does she actually absorb? This situation for example:

Card A(Light Human) 1k atk, 1k rec

Cass activates her skill, then TYR activates hers. So does TYR absorb only 1.5k atk, or does she absorb the Cass-boosted atk of 4.5k(Base atk +[Rec x 3.5]) (which would be 6.75k atk since x1.5)?

I did the Tang Yu Rou + Enchantress combo back when she was released and the damage was high but not so cool. Yet right now I think it can be a decent combo at Honda+Sun Quan. For me to complete answer that I would need to know all the members of the team you are planning, specially cuz TYR only absorbs 50% of non light humans... If I use your example, then:
1k rec = 3.5x + 1k base atk = 4500 atk total
TYR total absorb = 1.5x * (Tyr base atk + absorbed light human atk + absorbed other humans atk).

The calculation is not that hard to pull out, specially because you can check the monsters stat in battle.

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Does the order you activate them matter?

(10-16-2017, 08:24 PM)urtv Wrote: Does the order you activate them matter?

IIRC these permanent effects are actually all recalculated with every activation/deactivation, so the order of Cass to TYR or TYR to Cass doesn't actually matter. It always applies Cass first, then TYR. Same goes for Novalis, ML, etc.

On the other hand, one turn only attack absorption can be weird here. Apparently, according to a video I saw, the red Pili Puppet that boosts self attack with Dragon/Beast/Demon attack can be absorbed by ML if you activate him before ML. If you activate him after, he'll boost his 0 atk with the 50% atk left on light beasts/dragons. Don't know if they've changed it since.
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