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Carefree Mindset - Zero
Since there's little to no guide about Beast team, I decided to write one focusing around "Carefree Mindset - Zero", which is the grand jackpot character from "The Master Catheieves" series. Also, this is the first time that I'm writing a guide, so any comments will be appreciated!

Ali Baba was abducted by a gemstone merchant! The loyal cat thieves would of course step up and utilize their abilities to infiltrate the mansion, but traps were setted all over the mansion. Fortunately, the cats helped each other and tackled all the troubles. However, what awaited them was an unexpected truth!

"Strongest Feline Gang Ever", known as "The Master Cathieves" series that's composed Beast characters. "Cathieves" series emphasise on different leader and ally compared to other commonly used leaders. It was introduced in version 16.2. Well, let's begin. 

[Image: 5sfgnsgfn.jpg]

[Image: 8sgdbnsgn.jpg]

[Image: 7fgnsdgrn.jpg]
As you can see, his leader skill is suitable for a multi-attributed team. Besides, the runestone possession effect increases for each Beast member in your team and there's CD acceleration for each "Cathieves" in his team skill, meaning that you'd want to run as many Beast members, preferably "Cathieves", as possible. His active skill is quite interesting in the game, as he's the first Beast character that received the ability of unlimited runestones movements while letting you receive damage boost and death prevention. Now you know the basics of what does he do, so let's move on to suggested members.

Key Members:
As shown in the third image, there's CD acceleration for Beast members per "Cathieves" present in the team, with maximum of -5. That being said we'll start with "Cathieves" characters.

[Image: latest?cb=20181112092239] Bon Appétit - Choux
An extremely fast runestone-spinning surface exploder. With Zero's CD acceleration, her skill will be ready within few rounds. Plus she's a constant CD 3 exploder if you first activate her in a round. So she's a great choice for clearing most of the surface hazards.

[Image: latest?cb=20181112092239] Tactful Illusionist - Copperfield
Another member that'll benefited by CD acceleration. He's a constant CD 5 self ATK multiplier if you activate him last in a round. That being said he's quite fast to pack some puches to enemies.

[Image: latest?cb=20181112092238] Irresistible Cuteness - Plumpy
A great choice for HP recovery. With an initial CD of 6, her skill will be ready within few rounds with CD acceleration. Plus there's a Beast ATK x2.5 bonus if you activate her in the last wave, meaning that she's a character with both defensive and offensive abilities.

[Image: latest?cb=20181112092322] Meticulous Cartographer - Tim
Like Plumpy, having a Beast ATK x2.5 bonus if activated in the last round. He can manipulate skydrop by dropping its counter attributed runestones that you dissolved in first batch. Want some extra skydrop combo? Bring him.

[Image: latest?cb=20181112092239] Astute Lockpicker - Wimpy
Here, our first Beast character that received the ability to release locked skill of Beast and Machina members, and she's faster compared to most of the other unlockers even without CD acceleration. Bring her when you need an unlocker in certain stages.

[Image: latest?cb=20181112092239] Untraceable Moves - Ghostie
One of the "Cathieves" jackpot characters. You can describe her as Beast version of Ghroth. Her skill is powerful as she has runestone conversion ability and enables you to dissolve singly in a round. She's might be better than Ghroth as she can receive CD acceleration. Run her if your ally is Mellow.

Another "Cathieves" jackpot character. She's a great team ATK booster yet let your members being undercovered. Surprisingly, the undercover status isn't considered as willpower skill, so you won't get hit regardlessly as long as you don't attack (as attacking will cancel the undercover status). The only drawback is you can only activate her skill when the enemies' HP is full. Nevertheless, she's a great member for Zero. Run her if you're using Ghostie as ally.

Now we'll move on to other members that's suitable for Zero.

Other Members:
An alternative for Choux, also Beast version of Azathoth. Personally I would pick Choux over him because Choux is constantly a CD 3 exploder as mentioned above.

Both are alternatives for Copperfield, but with a longer CD. They are free since they can be obtained from Friend Point Seal.

An slightly situational alternative for Plumpy. However on an upside, she can receive a damage boost with self ATK x3 (but applies to leftmost Merbromin only) if team HP is full before moving runestones.

ATK boosters, but they work differently. Rather than focusing on self ATK or team ATK, instead, they boost themselves and members besides them, and they're free.

Want more damage without bursting? Then they are great choices! Feel free to bring either of them if you're afraid of lack of damage from usual spin.

Are you a person who craze for burst damage? Then he's the best choice! What makes him even better as he's a bi-weekly character.

Having trouble to deal with Elemental Shields? Here, we have a converter that converts spinning surface into fixed number of enchanted WFELD runestones.

If you're having trouble to deal with Combo Shield and don't have access to Ghostie, use this.

Also exploders but they're mainly used for dealing direct damage to invisible enemies. Best equipped with their Dragonwares.

If you are having trouble when facing Hit Shields, activate Valencia to let Beast members launch additional attacks. Another bi-weekly.

Both of them can delay enemies' action. Quite useful if you're facing some tricky situation. Medusa is obtainable from Lost Relic whilist Iquitos is obtainable from Friend Point Seal.

There are still plenty of candidates but those are what I suggest to use in Zero.

Choices for Ally:
So now you may ask why I wrote run Mellow as ally if you run Ghostie in the team (or run Ghostie as ally if running Mellow in the team) earlier. The reason is, although the members in the entire team is the same, they work differently when you're using different leaders.

If you use Ghostie as ally, your team is going to defensive/stall variant because Ghostie's leader skill multiplies your team HP even more. Needless to say, you can withstand more attacks!
[Image: 9sfgnsgn.jpg]

If you use Mellow as ally, your team is going towards offensive variant because Mellow's leader skill grants additional 400 REC, and extra ATK multiplier based on number of runestones dissolved each round, which means you can deal more damage!
[Image: 15sbgbnsg.jpg]

[Image: RaZLzHJ.jpg]

[Image: ijg6xkY.jpg]
Notice the difference between the team HP despite same members were being used.

Recommended Setup:
[Image: latest?cb=20181112092239][Image: latest?cb=20181112092239][Image: latest?cb=20181112092239][Image: latest?cb=20181112092238][Image: latest?cb=20181112092239][Image: latest?cb=20181112092239]
Pretty much a balanced setup. With this team, you won't have any troubles most of the time. With CD accelerated exploder, self ATK multiplier and a healer, you can survive most of the stages. For defensive/stall variant, just swap the position of Ghostie and Mellow. Swap Plumpy for either Boyciana or Dodo if you want more damage from your usual spin.

[Image: latest?cb=20181112092239][Image: latest?cb=20170619071456][Image: latest?cb=20170619071457][Image: latest?cb=20141128030326][Image: latest?cb=20180330061528][Image: latest?cb=20181112092239]
Budget version for those who somehow don't have certain "Cathieves" or some "Ultimate Lords" introduced in that patch. They have the same function as the team above, but slower (and probably deal lessser damage). This team enables you to use Odous and Mufasa's amelioration skill to recover HP apart from dissolving Heart runestones.

Now it's about time to make a conclusion. I hope y'all enjoy my guide for Zero. If you have any suggestions or found any typos, feel free to reply below and lemme know! Special thanks to Emodicer (aka Criomede) for encouraging me to write this guide. Have a nice day!

  • 09/06/2019: Added Odous, Pluma, Shingen, Tefnut, Ra, Valencia, Iquitos, and Medusa.
  • 09/06/2019: Added a budget team.
  • 09/06/2019: Fixed some wording issuses.


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