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Card Series by Rarity
With the Chinese New Year draw event just around the horizon, I just want one thing that's been bothering me for a long while now cleared up. Among the series in the regular diamond seal, do we have data on which series' cards are rarer in relation to other series? Rare as in chances of drawing are lower and not stars. For example, are the chances of drawing a monster from Primal Greek Gods higher than that of Revolutionary Heroes? I know that Chinese Gods are among the rarest cards in the game, but for the other series how do they fare against each other on this basis? I ask because I stumbled upon Blueeightnote's comment on the Wiki ranking each card

Diamond Draw: The best ones to run into are Chinese Gods, Companion Beasts, and Origin of Demons. The rest varies.
  • Chinese Gods: Not bad to run into due to rarity - Daji, Wukong, and Nezha are particularly great since they can still work today.
  • Primal Greek: Wait until they PR. I hope you don't run into one of the duplicates of them since they are very common.
  • Revolutionary Heroes: Wait until they PR (I guess?). Until then, the better ones are Florice, Rococo, and Yocto.
  • Origin of Demons: PR buffed them enough to be decent - Best ones are Beezelbub and Mastema.
  • Companion Beasts: Wait until they PR. Until then, still decent to run into due to rarity, but Pupuro and Haza are best ones. Copper Bullet is outclassed by Azathoth but still usable.

Sorry if this topic has already been covered before.

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