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Captain Ice or Qinglong?
Which would be better for a secondary converter?  I have Pisces, but their CD is not maxed yet.  Currently Quinlong is on my water mono, but I haven't fully ameliorated him yet and I'm powering up statues now for the duck.  Both have advantages over the other, but I thought I'd ask people's opinions.  

Qingling is the new name for AOA right?

If it is the card I'm thinking of then it's much better then captain ice IMO the column convert is way more useful. I'd only take captain ice if it was a semi defensive deck such as dual carrie or something like that where you don't have any other heart converter.

The good news is both are very easily farmable now so if you farm seal 4 you can max both very easily with salamanders and gnomes and then try them both out and see which you prefer.

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in my opinion

as water converter and for stats:
PR Pisces(III) > PR Qinglong(IV) > Captain Ice(IV)

PR Qinglong(IV) vs Captain Ice(IV)

->PR Qinglong(IV):
+better stats
+great converter if amel 4, plus one full raw
+easy skill leveling
+cd 5

->Captain Ice(IV):
+plus health converter if need
+better recovery
+at amel 4 good to farm water soulstones
-medium skill leveling

If you also need a ss duck for soulstones instant battles, then take the duck. If you need a little stronger water converter, then take the Dragon.

Have fun :-)

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Aoguang, Captain Ice is better over Qinglong and Pices in Douman decks. Reason being you would only require 3 heart for full heal.

I run Douman Captain Ice Odus Cluthu (Gisema) PR Daji

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