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Can't find HxH draw
yes, my problem is that i am using the vpn since 2 days ago to be in accordingly, so is not that... maybe it will synchronize better in the next period, who knows

UID 83.804.202
its doesnt matter how may day you use the VPN, important is your first login on this day using VPN or not.
This VPN i am using and its work.

[Image: 1543782_75946642.png]
There seems to be a difference between ios and android as in our guild ios works but android doesn't. And if something works for you, please be a bit more specific like what you platform you're on, what VPN you're using, what location you've chosen and when you started using it. That helps identifying what works and what doesn't.

What I found from my own experience (on android):
You need to have VPN connected before you open TOS 15.3 for the first time. If you do, the login screen shows hxh characters. If you don't, then it shows a blank tower. You can subsequently turn off VPN and still access hxh.
My main is currently stuck outside hxh, but my alt managed to get in.

Don't try to uninstall and reinstall TOS and re-do the entire update. Based on feedback from users in the TOS discord, this doesn't help.

We just have to hope that it resets at some point over the next few days and we can get in again later.
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im using android and as vpn expressvpn. my Ip is fine, my tos not
UID 83.804.202
I am on IOS and its work.
When using VPN i notice the phone kick me out the wifi and i think this maybe the reason as on wifi the phone still use the local IP address.
[Image: 1543782_75946642.png]
I am on android and have first tried with tunnel bear. Not my first login of the day and it did not work for me.
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Android 5 I think, using ProtonVPN free 7 day trial, connected to singapore.

Started the app before turning on ToS, everything works so far, didn't turn off game since I went in.
It seems to be as aahsly said... some android got in while other are out
UID 83.804.202
Probably need to wait for them to fix this problem =/

I got access to the seal though(Malaysian and android user here)


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