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Can everyone help us Vote for Power Release Character Re-Design?
Well, I think the zodiac PR art was them taking shortcuts, it seems lazy.

Now they promised to rework then, thats fine, but they better do it in a decent time spam. Hadn't they given us a date? I don't know why I got in my head they said they would do it in may or june..

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The petition is kind of vague, it just criticized the bad ones, didnt give any suggestions and failed to mention other cards (medusa/baphome, which arts are good).

It doesnt really specify what specific cards needs to be changed and HOW you want it to be changed. Do you want to only change cerberus and cthulhu or all of the greek beasts? Or only them and the zodiac prs? What about other cards like circe? What do you think would make it better and what changes should be made that would look like it was not "rushed or made urgent"? Should they remove the birds in cerberus? Should they make the legs longer? Should they make the heads less bigger? Etc

Im not saying its bad but imo, it would be better if you can provide the following:
-specify the problem, in detail
-provide suggestion on solving it, if you can, provide some examples

Make it easier for them, let them understand what you really want. Tbh the link looked more like a complaint than a petition to me

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It looks more like a leaf than a feather, the previous ones looked better too lol. too lazy to care so...

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Yes, problem and suggested solution need to be raised clearly.

And...this is ultimately a free game to be honest, it's not subscription based so even I would hesitate at trying to change MH's creative decisions...

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There shouldn't be urgency to artwork, ever. If it's not ready, say not ready, don't compromise quality while trying to meet deadlines. As an artist, that is just wrong.

After all, all the PR of each series is set by Madhead themselves, not the players.
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TBH, every art has a story to tell. We can voice our opinions, but it depends on MH whether they want to change anything. For example, how Cerberus became a mange infested hotdog with 5 heads is beyond me, but there might be a story that might be released in the future. Unless anyone here can enlighten me about a five-headed Cerberus, I'll be waiting for the back story.
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This may be the stupidest use of I have ever seen.

The designs aren't my favorite, but they aren't terrible either. And unlike the PR Zodiacs, there isn't an obvious reason to ask for them to be changed other than "I don't like them." As for the "Why are there birds on his head?" thing, I don't know. But it's not like Cerberus is always depicted as a three-headed dog. He is depicted as having one head, or sometimes hundreds, and occasionally he is depicted as a chimera-type animal rather than just a big dog. Madhead's artist putting his own twist on it isn't some grave insult to the Greek pantheon.
Bitching for well drawn art which you subjetively think is wrongly designed, you must be too selfish or you must be one of MH biggest incomes in terms of diamond purchases.
One thing is to say we want 12 differemt zodiac arts even if 2 cards appear, and even that can be debatable, but if YOU think design is wrong thats another thing.
For all I know monsters dont need to be pretty nor even majestic as f*ck (exept for griffin but he achieves it), as long as they are well drawn/made they can be ugly as crap.
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I think all the zodiac pairs will receive an alternate costume you can change to. Example, Domon and Carrie are on Costume A. So when they add the new costumes, you can set them on A and B or both on B. Get what I'm saying?

Lastly, you must remember

> commissioning new art costs money
> adding new content that requires certain amount of work or tasks takes increases the amount of stamina used
> players need more diamonds for refills
> 50% of players buying 6> diamonds
> MH covers cost and makes profit

Lol! Of course they're gonna add their costumes!
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(05-11-2015, 04:48 PM)VVV Wrote: Art is all extremely subjective in the first place, and to try place pressure on a company for their "ugly" art is as good as me going to Marvel Studios and asking them to change the way the Hulk looks, "cos he's too green"

This. I honestly find this petition to be a stupid idea, and shouldn't even be a thing.
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I'm probably the only one that thinks PR Cerberus' artwork is an improvement.
edit: actually all western beasts except cthulhu
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