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Can I use wukong skill to kill memory traveller?
Memory Traveller (Key stage)

Stage 5:
Memory Traveller: 22 HP, 99999 ATK, 10M DEF, CD 4 (1) - Puzzle Shield

Somehow, my friend's verdundi (non PR) fail to kill MT with her active skill. I am so surprise too.
He refuses to try and fail the same way and ask me to build him a new team to kill MT.

So if I use wukong skill to remove that 10,000,000 def + complete rune in puzzle + my monster attack, will it kill MT?  
Has anyone tried that before?

If using Wukong or non PR Verdandi, remember to complete the puzzle.
Only using PR Verdandi will ignore the Memory Traveler's skill completely.

Yep, that works. Beware that the puzzle might sometimes be hard to achieve, so PR Verthandi is the better choice her. If you don't have her, Wukong and a TT will do.

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non PR verdundi needs to complete puzzle!!!
Case closed!

Thank you very much Smile

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