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[Campaign Event] Root for Your Favourite
Thank you for the info.  I would like to add some stuff but i cannot find the old reference:
1. Vote in either one of the two rounds and u get a reward.  The reward is not a card but a dime or some other compensation.  Someone please confirm this.
2. They are delaying the voting one day so from the 11th to the 12th, so allow 1 day before locking in the reward from #1
3.  U will get the 2nd allmax reward even if u dont vote in either round?    Needs confirm?
4.  It doesnt look like YZ/QSH will be included as an option.  Needs comfirm.


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RE: [Campaign Event] Root for Your Favourite - jtsmith - 02-08-2019, 11:54 PM

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