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CNY event questions
So first off this is copy paste from their site :

Quote:5th Event: Diamond Seal Event “A Journey to Tianzhu”

Time: 15 Feb (Thur) 11:00 – 21 Feb (Wed) 23:59

“Sindhu” series returns to the Realm!
It’s a Diamond Seal with new 6-star Characters

(A) For every “10-Seal Card Draw” made, you can get a specific Monster (Skill Lv1) in the series.
The series includes:

“Sha Seng the Sand Fiend”
“Golden Horned & Silver Horned the Twins”
“Zhu Bajie the Heavenly Marshal”
“Lady White Bones the Deadly Skeleton”
“Spider Demon the Silk Cave Mistress”

(B) New System “Ancient Coin Trading”
Summoner can use Ancient Coins in exchange for Monsters of “Chinese Gods”!
Ancient Coin Seal will open again. Don’t miss the chance to get strong and limited Monsters.

© During the event period, drawing cards in the specific drawing machines can obtain the Outfit of “Princess Iron Fan – Rakshasa” & “Transcendental Sage – Tang Sanzang”!

Specific drawing machines include:
“Imperial Heroes”
“Diamond Seal”

* This event is only applicable to Diamond Seal Card Draw. Draws from the Rewards do not count
* 7-star Monsters of “Chinese Gods” can equip the Dragonware

I saved up around 150 diamonds awaiting this, so my question is, can we get iron fan and tsz out of this seal, or it is only ancient coin limited?

In other way by their words 10 draw will only give us 1 out of these new 5 sindhu as extra, but aside from that does drawing have a chance to get a black card among the 10 draws?

Most important question, is it worth going all in into this, doing 3 x 10 draws? (and 3-4 ancient coin draws first)

Or is it better to do 2 x 10 draws and save 50 for new series regardless what it will be?

I ask cause seeing this I am not all that thrilled, only new sindhu card that would benefit me is the light one, since she fits my daoloth team, others are comparably bad and can't fit into anything I use.

(If it helps I use KoF, Rose, Daoloth, Haza green team, Athena vr, Izanagi teams) - knowing this, only worthwhile card would be Iron Fan, and she seems to be limited to ancient coin, so chances are, these 10 draws would be a throwaway if she doesn't have a chance to appear there aside from ancient, right?

I only ask as all of this seems so bad for the investment, that I'm even thinking simply to skip this and do 10x draws for each new series instead where I have a chance of getting 1 rare leader and making more functional teams than wasting it all here for a chance at 1 super strong member card.

Iron Fan and TSZ are in the diamond seal as well during the event, yes.

The new series will stick around in the big diamond seal after the event, but Iron Fan and TSZ won't.

Up to you whether you think it's worth going in for it.

ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
Nobody knows what the new seal is so we cant really say if its worth it to dump on cny. It may be worth it if u have cn gods and need copies to get from seal and/or ancient coins.

Dont have a single chinese god, thats why I have many doubts, and if I got one I probably wouldn't VR it, since its a hard fit into what I have.

I'll check back when there is more info available, that is for sure.
I think it depends on your actual card pool.

From your teams I assume that you have plenty of green cards with a fair amount of light and dark, but no decent water or fire leader. If that's true, you can use CNY 10-draws as an excuse to increase your card pool because, aside from the non-black Sindhu and the possibility of Rakshasa or TSZ, you could get other cards that allow you to use new deck types.

Still considering true the assumption of you not having a large card pool, I'd recommend doing two 10-draws with their respective ancient seal draws. Then, decide whether to do the last 10-draw. Black cards tend to show around the 30th draw on their seal (e.g. got my Atlantis on the 2Xth draw), so chances are high that you get one black Sindhu with your diamonds. Can you form a TSZ team?

Finally, regarding Chinese gods, you can VR them using PR mats. It's expensive, but I think it's worth it. Specially for Daji if you use Rose a lot.
Thats fair advice and something I was thinking of doing too.

I have actually a lot of cards but didn't train them all, notable water cards I have include (not counting biweeklies, those i have lots) : Molly x 4 , May lily x 2, KoF leona, andromeda, sie kensou + athena, odous, cassandra, ursula, wen zhong, yuki-onna, mu-yue, kukulkan, atrahasis, louis x 2, swegde, pontos, florice x 2, pupuro, sera, sun quan, galahad, cygnus, kof chris, ubbo sathla, abhoth, mordiggian, pr king slime, cai wenji.

Possible leader from blue ones would only be pontos, and that team would have decent choice of members from those listed.

From fire stuff : Sean, diablo, cerberus, dipankara, iquitos, flames keeper, clara, max abadon, phanes, rococo, fire lionel, tristan , bedivere, 2 x max kyo + 2 reserve kyo, K' , 2 x rosemellow, meng huo, medea.

So yes, fire cards are the weakest what I have, possible leader abadon, lionel.

Light teams I'm safe for now with daoloth, while in background I'm making beelzebub team and preparing ML and luna.

Dark teams I have Lancelot and Ye shiao chai, but I didnt get time to invest into them. I play rose as rainbow team, but mostly use blue, black, white cards.

I have lots of decent members, now only need to pull a good standalone fire leader, in my mind those would be hephaestus or amaterasu i guess. I'm more liking the idea of using Kyo+Mai as leaders in tricolor teams dominated by fire members as that works in most of situations.

Can I form TSZ team, yes, have lots of lots white cards, as I mentioned, ML, Luna, daoloth , beelzebub, kof terry and benimaru and lots of others, so should be ok, evven if I pull Maya, I'd be super lucky as no black cards pulled ever.

As said before, so far I will most probably do 2 x 10 for cny, 1 x 10 new series and expand inventory 50 slots. (getting crowded at 650 slots as I save copies of cards and feed them feeders all the time to widen my base members for all teams)

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