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Brahma team help
So I got brahma recently and I wanna know what a really good brahma team looks like and what I can make with my current cards if anyone can help me with that would be greatly appreciated

So we are starting a Brahma team so we need to concentrate on the leaderskill and team skills. First, we must have a team of gods ofc. Next we are hoping to have water, earth, light and dark on the screen so we can dissolve those 4 and drop fire. Converters are not helpful as u can see so avoid those unless the stage requires it. Next consider the team skill. Brahma generates God runes and if u dissolve God runes of any type then more fire drops up to 15 runes for 8 God runes. Vr Heph generates extra God runes so he is a good option. U can run 2 vr Heph for persistent effect. Agni is prob a must also since with ur all God team he will be almost persistent. Plus u will need spin help since Brahma adds no spin time beyond his active.

Now let's build around that:
Brahma vrHeph Agni hiemdallr var brah
Hiem can eliminate hearts which get in the way of the leader and teamskill. This will make spinning easier and the teamskill will heal allbeit only half ur hp. Var gives u a 2.5 boost that while Brahma can produce high dmg, u will need more for harder bosses. This team is offense bassed

Brahma vrHeph Agni dipankara poppy brah
Largely a defensive team. Dipankara will heal u up where the team skill can't and give u extra attks if u dissolve those hearts. Poopy will save u and u can still hit hard enemies if u don't dissolve fire in initial.

Other cards that work good with Brahma team:
Phanes will generate God runes if fire is already on the board. U get an extra 1.6x when 5 fire drops. Cd5.
Amaterasu will make all God runes and save u 1 Rd but at cd10.
Skeggjald will boost x1.8 and weaken the enemy for 2 rds at initial cd6 but goes up to cd10.

Cards that kinda work with Brahm:
Fire Yan will drop more fire for u when God runes are dissolved. However she will get rid of earth so guess what will drop after initial dissolve?
'Any off color God card' Brahma has no universal rune so any off color will be cutting into dmg from the ts:
Hexiangu is semi persistant boost at cd5
Other Hindu gods will be persistant boost, rcr or God runes.

Avoid any cards which break 5 attributes. I may have missed some cards but the idea is still there.

Wish Brahma had uncapped healing, universal rune, more spin time, and hp. Team skill is restrictive. Lots of conditions imo.

Thanks for the help looks like I just need helmiadeer to complete it then also that defensive deck looks interesting will try that as well

(09-04-2018, 01:49 AM)Destructor Wrote: Thanks for the help looks like I just need helmiadeer to complete it then also that defensive deck looks interesting will try that as well

instead of hiem just add luna and pollux to your team to get by.  I have run them but again there is this mono bias i cant get around so i just feel like that.

I wish CN would have complained about Brahma so madhead would change the skills.  despite all of the above, i would still concentrate on VR babylon since they ignore burning and sticky runes.

The only thing brahma does well is quint shield however he totally sux at everything else.  Puzzle shield, burning runes, sticky etc are a death sentence in some cases for him.  because brahma drops a big clump it always takes away that rune type you need.

The one skill i am waiting for in this game is "after dissolving runestones, randomly turn runestones into 5 water, 5 fire, 5 earth, 5 light, 5 dark and 5 heart".  fixed positions would be nice on top of that.  This would really help brahma.  

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