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Boss Joint Operations Bug?
I made the following observation for the last boss in the current joint operations.

  1. Boss locks 1 card at RANDOM per boss message
  2. I played 5 times in a row and the card that was LOCKED was my one heart converter EVERY TIME.  This also happen to be the only card with active skill ready, reasons?
  3. I then changed to have 2 heart converters on the 6th try and now a non-ready card that was not a heart converter was locked
Based on this there is a good chance there is a bug as 5 times in a row is not consistent with random.

Any thoughts?

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I've cleared the boss about 10-12 times since I have the best team for doing it in my guild, and I haven't observed this. In my experience it doesn't lock the same card two times in a row. I usually pay close attention to who he locks too, since I need four of my six actives to burst him down.

Not saying you don't have a bug, but I'm not reproducing it with my one heart converter team.

Just bad RNG as far as I can tell. There's been no consistency with who he locks for me.

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I've not experienced anything like that either. Always just a random lock. I guess it was just bad luck with RNG Sad
I think it's bad luck. I consistently go in with hades wukong ed etc. and see him change his lock target every 2 turns. It doesn't seem to be fixed on any particular card for me. I just keep moving runes back and forth until he locks verdandi and then go full burst.
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still no info about next week events?
Looks like just bad luck RNG, thanks all. I will not bother to ticket a BUG to MH.
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Yeah and my Greek team probably has a bug. It's still lower than 7 combo even with runes converted.
Not sure if this is a bug but i entered a stage at about 35% completion with fire enemy next and suddenly i was up against abe, I was like WTF! I was using megaman team too and didn't even shave off 1%.

Anyway, imfo MH rng is our biggest enemy, not the stages!

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