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Best ally for Metazord?
Hi, I'm looking for suggestions for allies for Metazord team. It might'be changed a bit because of its new race. Any suggestions on a good ally for him? With a good leader skill and active that suits the team if possible, thanks!

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I saw this thread and decided to go farm a Metazord to try it out. The obvious candidates seemed to be another Fire Machina, so Fire Lionel and Machina Agnesi; I had a guildie put up Agnesi and brought my newly maxed Metazord into Day of Crystal Dragons (which has no Fire runes). After that I also did some runs in 8-4-3-2 with Agnesi and Diverged Fire Bride for comparison.

When using a Machina ally:
- Once you fuse, the accumulated fuel of both Metazord and Mech-Agnesi becomes 0%, even from 100%; this seems to be intentional, so don't count on charging fuel faster with 5 attributes before fusing.
- The resulting team of Metazord-Mechnesi has only 2 Machinas, so Fire runes have 20% increased effect. Non-Fire runes with Fire effect (e.g. from Metazord's active) don't get this boost.
- The extra attacks at 100% Fuel work out to about 1.4~1.5x multiplier on average.

Unfortunately, the Machina perks don't quite make up for their leader skills being weaker. Agnesi and Lionel are both 4x, and Lionel only attacks one extra time; the damage increase is also minor since most damage comes from Metazord. You're better off with standard Fire leaders, and VR Fire Bride is probably the strongest standalone leader we have now.

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