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Best Dragon Team?
Hello. I’m wondering which dragon team is the best - Azathoth or Daoloth ?
Currently I have both team with good teammates.
Azathoth Team :
Daoloth Team :
Daoloth-Ra-Lunar Sirius-Solar Sirius-Colin-Daoloth
Feel free to give any suggestion to improve the teams.Thankyou!

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The one u use for the certain stage is the best. All the ones mentioned are good. I like my daoloth with an elf so i can rcr better. Both dragons do unique things like leech hp or create runes.

fr clearing SM Aza is better

for farming / general day to day / biweekly  , Daoloth is better / simpler to use / swipe sideways once for 8x then on all active for boss

edit: unless you had Azathoth with 4x Mortonyx which has 200k snipe 

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