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Beasts (Schemas/SS Beasts/Tribal Beasts/KODB/Duck King)
IGN: Munrá
ID: 16,827,368
Regular ally: GSOL lvl 99
Other allies: Lunar and Solar Sirius, Minamoto, Freija, Freyr,
Wanted allies: GSOL, GSOD, AOL, AOD or any other % beast

[Image: cf6e2bce.jpg]
IGN: 0017
ID: 68 367 712
Main ally: Insane Iquitos
Other allies: The Treasure rider...
Wanted allies, all beast especially:
Tribal Warrior Odous
Tribal Sage Iquitos
Tribal Leader Mufasa
Pluma the Sky-High Outlaw
Bast the Solar Deity

My lv is 67, and lv of my monster are low too, so everyone is welkome  Smile .


Can set any of these as my ally.
Feel free to add me

Will evolve and max them asap

Edit: allies are Mufasa 4*, Iquitos 4*, GSoL 4*, Odous 3*
Gesendet von meinem KFSOWI mit Tapatalk

[Image: 8b1e47f3.jpg]

Malpha's isn't shown, sweet

Feel free to add me Smile
IGN : MannyTokyo
GID : 20 196 766

main ally : 7*Thor (lot of 6-7* max lv)
wanted ally : All of SS Duck for farming SS Monday - Friday
[Image: 16470668.jpg]
Ign kapeeo [IT]
Id 57238317

Main ally max lvl and cd PDBK
Other artemis, pr freja

Wanted pr saruman, pr freja, poseidon
GN : rockooe
GID : 21 904 862
main ally : PR Nezha and PR Faugn
wanted ally : Max level last evolution Basti the Solar Deity
Ally: Hades and Poseidon (IV), both max level, hades max skill too

Looking for: Basti and specially PR Lunar Sirius, my id is in signature, add away!
Main ally : lunar pr max / solar pr / Nezha
Looking for lunar/solar pr ally.
Id : 20098198

Envoyé par pigeon voyageur
IGN: Appyside
ID: 53057880
Main Allies: Lv Max Ame 4 Hep and all max Arch of Dark
Wanted Allies: All Max Pr Dark Schema

I am le poofy!

[Image: 7300b801.jpg]
[Image: 68c11dda.jpg]

Regular Allies: All Max AOD, Max lv and ame Hep
Maxing in Progress: Tyr, Artemis, Hades
Looking For: Daji, Hep, Artemis, Basti
Looking for: Any Egyptian Gods, scarlet queen, Amel IV SS ducks/dogs, and any unusual allies

ID: 2338 2141

Main Ally: PR Nezha, currently water/earth SS duck @ amel IV, working on the others
Main Allies: PR Nezha, All SS Ducks/Dogs

Looking For: PR Baph, Mark II, RGB Yanxi, Solomon/Pete, Su siao-syue, 
Main Deck
[Image: 0236565c.jpg]
Other (complete or in Progress)
[Image: u4IzV_.gif]


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