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Beasts (Schemas/SS Beasts/Tribal Beasts/KODB/Duck King)
Username: Val
User ID: 50203044
Main ally: Pr Idun (max level, max amelioration)
Requested ally: Pr GSoF, Pr GSoE

ID: 13,173,037
Main ally: Basti the Solar Diety (Lv 99, S.Lvl 8)
Other allies: Almost anything upon request
Wanted allies: Other Tribals, PR Schemas, Saruman, Hades, PR Daji's always good, Astaroth

IGN: Tireless
ID: 70806003
Main ally: Tribal Sage Iquitos (lvl 53, CD 22 i got him yesterday so he will be 99 soon!)
Other allies: Archimandrite of Dark (max level, 3rd amelioration)
Wanted allies: Pretty much any other beast! Big Grin

Can anyone who has Archimandrite of Earth add me please, or leave your id her and I will add you, thank you!
IGN: NightcoreZ (Lv. 123)
ID: 58,163,939
Main Ally: Archimandrite of Dark (LV. Max) (Amelioration Skill: IV)
Other Allies: Archimandrite of Light (LV. Max) (Amelioration Skill: III)
Archimandrite of Earth (LV. Max) (Amelioration Skill: III)
Archimandrite of Fire (LV. Max) (Amelioration Skill: III)
Loki God of Chaos (LV. 92) (Amelioration Skill: II)
Eternal Granter Idun (LV. 33)
Wanted Allies: Aesthetic Vixen Su Daji, Archimandrite of Light, Randeng the Enlightened, Yang Jian the Shapeshifter, Fox Queen Daji

If you want me to change to my other allies, feel free to say so. ^_^
IGN: [Night]Galdain[DE]
ID: 38889744
Main ally: Artemis (all max.)
Other allies: Freyja PR (all max.)
Allies on request: Domon (all max.), Faugn PR, Nidhogg, Michael Lucifer, Archimandrite of Dark and more
Wanted allies: Artemis, Treasure Raider, Grumpy Puppy, Wukong PR, Poseidon PR, Dagon PR
Ally: Artemis
~ Every ally is a welcome friend! ~

[Image: vy39wth9.png]

Guild 2378: 'Nightingale' ~ 'We are waiting to hear your voice in our halls'
IGN: [IM] Bobbi Brown
ID: 58323256
Main ally: Hephaestus God of fire (triple Max/ALL MAX)
Other allies: Archimandrite of fire ALL MAX, Archimandrite of Dark ALL MAX, Archimandrite of Earth lv max, PR Xi
Wanted allies: Hephaestus All MAX Allies, PR Daji CD max allies, PR Nezha

IGN: Daggum
ID: 4,955,917
Main ally: PR Faugn
Other allies: Hephaestus, Artemis, Apollo, Poseidon, Nidhogg, PR Wukong, Loki, Armstrong, Poppy. (Others available upon request)
Wanted allies: Basti, Mufasa
IGN: Saikel-V2
ID: 74734811
Main ally: Insane Iquitos (Lv 34, CD 25)(*)
Other allies: None(**)
Wanted allies: AoL/AoD, Tribal Beasts, Demon Bull, Daji(***)

* Will MAX/Evolve anytime i can
** Currently leveling up Iquitos
*** Doesnt matter level or PRed

I play daily & will delete inactive friends Heart
IGN: Saikel-V2
ID: 74734811
Main ally: Tribal Sage Iquitos (will be maxed)
Other allies: Warlike Solider Stinger / The Merryy Puppy (PM which one u want)
Wanted allies: Idun, Daji, SC beasts, GSoD, GSoL
*CD at least Lv 5, Amelioration doesnt matter.

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