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Beasts (Schemas/SS Beasts/Tribal Beasts/KODB/Duck King)
This thread is for the following cards and cards from their evolution lines only:
Soulstone Beasts
[Image: 480px-433i.png] Captain Ice - The Treasure Raider
[Image: 480px-435i.png] Fiery Dancer - The Martial Master
[Image: 480px-437i.png] Jade Hunter - The Tribal Chief
[Image: 480px-498i.png] The Komainu of Fortune
[Image: 480px-500i.png] The Komainu of Retribution

[Image: 480px-512i.png] Archimandrite of Fire
[Image: 480px-513i.png] Archimandrite of Earth
[Image: 480px-514i.png] Archimandrite of Light
[Image: 480px-515i.png] Archimandrite of Dark

Tribal Beasts
[Image: 623i.png] Tribal Warrior Odous
[Image: 626i.png] Tribal Sage Iquitos
[Image: 629i.png] Tribal Leader Mufasa
[Image: 632i.png] Pluma the Sky-High Outlaw
[Image: 635i.png] Bast the Solar Deity

[Image: 480px-448i.png] Spirits' Guide - The Greenery King
[Image: 480px-520i.png] Arrogant Wolf Chieftain
[Image: 480px-593i.png] Potentate Demon Bull

Please follow the template below:
Main ally:
Other allies:
Wanted allies:
*You can indicate additional details like level, CD, amelioration level (where applicable).

IGN: VerdUni
ID: 18469194
Main ally: Terrametallic (Lv 99, CD 6)
Other allies: Salamander Golem (Lv 1, CD 14)
Wanted allies: PR GSOD IV (Lv 99, CD 5)

Ign [vVv] Yi Ge
I'd 17182859 .
main ally not fixed. Too many cards
Wanted allies : 2 xAoE 2xAoF

Madhead needs to nerf Nighteleven urgently
IGN: Santa
ID: 66112388
Main ally: PR GSOF (level 94 CD max)
Other allies: GSOD (level max CD max)
Wanted allies: Any PR beasts

IGN: [MS]Buu
ID: 17180269
Main ally: Court of Leo - Galio MAXED
Wanted: PR GSoF
IGN: Ikkoru;
ID: 51,791,663;
Main ally: Hades ALLMAX;
Other allies: See signature, ask in-game;
Wanted allies: In signature as well, also accepting everybody who will use my allies.
PS: Will delete people if they don't login for too long, if you are deleted feel free to send me a new friend request ^_^
ID: 51 791 663; IGN: Ikkoru; Outdated:
[Image: s.png~original]
Need: Everybody!

Can someone with archimandrite of earth add me plz?
Just for the SM you can remove me afterward if you want.


Id: 47673892
Id 28 915 864
Anyone with AoE can add me ?
Needed for the SM too.
thanks !!
IGN: Chromoz
ID: 66935380
Main ally: GSOL (Lv 27, CD 14)
Other allies: GSOF
Wanted allies: other Beast with damage multiplier

I am still a noob at lvl 59 with only random allies. Please help me to get stronger and add me. Thx.
IGN: sphincterdude
ID: 68523590
Main Ally: 50 TL Mufasa will be max soon
Other Ally: 80 GSoL
Wanted: I would love some Mufasas, AoL, AoE, AoF but I accept all beast x%
"I am your father in chinese"
ID: 47, 282, 667
Main ally: Dark Schema
Other allies: Loki, Light Schema, water schema
Wanted allies: Dark Schema, Light Schema, Water Schema, Daji
-- English Server Player!!!

   --Name: o_O
   --Ally: ALL MAX Everlasting Sinner Loki/ALL MAX Dark Archimandrite/ALL MAX Poseidon God of the Sea
   --Preferred friend: Aesthetic Vixen Su Daji, Dark Archimandrite, Light Archimandrite, and Poseidon God of the Sea
   --User ID: 42, 282, 677
   --Level: 163

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