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[Battle Info] Diablo - The Evil Controller Soulmaster Battle [Updated 31/10]
[Image: 1375634_435349286566658_259860327_n.jpg]



For those who pass this soulmaster, congrats and try to read this thread by shue249 too:

Quote:50 Stamina, Total 6 stages, NO HEARTS!!!!

Stage 1/6
Yidhra ATK11420 CD3 HP738700 DEF420 Unable to use control skill
Water egg ATK10180 CD4 HP512500 DEF420 Restore your CD to 0

Stage 2/6
Yvette ATK16020 CD1 HP522000 DEF2000 Immune to enchanted runestone? (Someone confirm it please)
Earth egg ATK20000 CD1 HP15000 Deal 20000 to player when killed

Stage 3/6
Magness ATK12580 CD2 HP1427431 Lower HP, higher ATK
Fire egg ATK100 CD1 HP100000 DEF30000 Restore your CD to 0

Stage 4/6
Isabell ATK16588 CD3 HP1126000 Cannot damage enemy until first attack
Dark egg ATK100 CD1 HP100000 DEF30000 Poison 20%

Stage 5/6
Marguerite ATK6964 CD2 HP992381 Revive after first death with 2x HP and ATK
Light egg ATK100 CD1 HP100000 DEF30000 Change dark rune to light every turn

Stage 6/6
Boss: Diablo ATK12558 CD1 HP2358200 DEF2600 Rainbow Shield, 100% drop card

All listed are 0 diamonds used unless stated

2 diamonds used

Suggested team:
I think this team may pass it with less diamonds

Some of our members made it!!!
(10-30-2013, 11:30 PM)MooNChilD Wrote: Just got it using 5 diamonds... this is a seriously f***ed up battle. was originally going to farm it multiple times but i might just stop there.

All the stats that 5566 posted up in OP were pretty much correct, except for Diablo's attack. He is CD1, but his attack is only around 12000 so you can tank one hit.

Team: Fox / Circe / Cassandra / Medea / Isabelle / Hertz

Stage 1 - activate all enchantresses and kill. not too difficult, Yidhra started with CD2 and egg with CD3, killed both in one hit
Stage 2 - isabelle's ability doesn't stop the 20000 explosion so I had to spend 1 diamond here. used abilities since they are going to be reactivated next turn anyway.
Stage 3 - used hertz to help kill off magness, it was very tight, she was down to CD1 and I barely managed to kill her. No diamonds used
Stage 4 - kill off the poison egg straight away before she starts poisoning you. I had a lucky combo streak due to no hearts and managed to kill her in one turn. Activate isabelle's ability, and then isabelle will hit herself allowing you to start dealing damage to her. after that she is pretty easy to kill.
Stage 5 - for enchantress teams this is a key level. Killing the first marguerite is pretty easy, but it is pretty much impossible trying to 1 hit KO herafter she revives herself, I could only take off half her life after using fox to deal damage to her before she killed me. I then used another 4 diamonds to kill her off. DO NOT KILL THE LIGHT CELL!! by keeping the light cell alive you can use this chance to reactivate all your abilities, since it only does 100 damage to you. If you accidentally kill the light cell...then yeah be prepared to use more diamonds
Stage 6 - Diablo didn't have a skull on him, so I let him hit me for one turn whilst I cleaned up my board to ensure I had at least every attribute. His attack is around 12000, I managed to survive one hit. After that I activated all enchantresses, hertz and fox to one hit KO him - it barely managed to kill him it looks like.

(10-31-2013, 03:41 AM)VInz Wrote: Everything worked as I've planned, 5 diamonds used with Endor, Sirius, Odin, Isabell, Cat Duke, Daji. This is the breakdown of cooldown & diamond spent for all the stages:

Stage 1: Take a hit from either Egg or the boss, hp dropped to lowish 1k+, 0 CD, simple stage. 0 Diamond
Stage 2: Used up every CD to kill Boss + Egg, exploded. 1 Diamond
Stage 3: Sirius + Fox Queen, 2 rounds to burst boss, if planned properly u can use egg to delay CD. 0 diamond
Stage 4: Do not kill egg instantly, take poison to low hp and activate Odin + Endor. 0 Diamond
Stage 5: Kill egg first, delay on bee boss, plan all the runes properly for boss stage, 4 diamonds used while waiting for CD
Stage 6: Take first hit from boss to low hp, activate everything, GG and grats for boss card. 0 diamond

#Removed Imaged lol.. TOO BIG#

PS: Sorry for the huge image :\

(10-31-2013, 02:27 AM)VictoryLaw Wrote: Done.

Used Hertz + Daji, Pqow, Pkoe, Medea, Troy. Use 6 Diamonds

Key thing for this team, Stage 4 Isabell CANNOT be tanked with PQoW active when Medea is ACTIVE. So, ideal would be to use Isabell. but if your CD is low for medea, juz off it and face palm tt stage.

to re-emphasize moonchild's tip, STAGE 5 is CRUCIAL!!!!

I overkilled queen bee after she revived and killed eggy too!!! waste 5 diamonds on diablo after that.

Last but not least, Thanks to all forum contributors, especially 5566, MoonChild, NightEleven and Shue for sharing crucial and valueable information.

Good luck farming guys!!

(10-31-2013, 02:37 AM)Moon Wrote: Just cleared it with 3 diamonds.

Enchantress team.

Hertz + Medea + Cassandra + Circe + Urd + Fox

Stage 1: Activate all 3 Enchantress and devour them. Save up Hertz and Fox.
Stage 2: Kill the flying butterfly then the child, and die. (1 diamond)
Stage 3: Activate all 3 Enchantress again. Target Magness, kill him before he touch you.
Stage 4: Kill Cocoon. Try to align your runestone before Isabelle kill you. Died twice while trying to get my Enchantress skills up. (2 diamonds)
Stage 5: Burn everything.
Stage 6: One hit kill with Hertz + Fox.

Combos should be a lot easier without heart runestone.

Just follow Moonchild's guide and you'll do fine.

Good luck Summoners!

(10-31-2013, 06:21 AM)[SG] Red Wrote: I was able to clear the battle with 2 diamonds with Hertz, Urd, Cassandra, Circe, Isabell and Daji allly.
Used 1 diamond due to the explosion, and another one at the Queen Bee stage.

1st stage: I just activated Cassandra and Circe together and quickly burst both of them down.
2nd stage: Use all the skill to quickly burst both of them. But due to the explosion, 1 diamond used.
3rd stage: Kill the Magness with hertz and daji skill,and I had to use isabell cause I couldnt do enough burst. I use the fire egg here to store my cd again.
4th stage: I quickly kill off the dark egg, and wait until Isabell cd is 1, and then I use my own Isabell's active skill to negate her first attack. After that I just burst her down.
5th stage: Kill Queen bee to activate her revive skill, and even with both urd active skill, + hert and daji combo -.- I could not burst her cause too many light runestone haha, so 1 diamond. Use light egg to store cd.
6th stage: Burst with hertz + daji, and with 6 turn cc skill in my team, it was an easy fight with diablo for me ^^

Pretty much I just use the diamond they gave it to us for the event hahaha

Hope this info can help anyone and could get their own diablo as well Big Grin

(10-31-2013, 07:12 AM)Loner Wrote: Diablo you are already down down down muahahaha xD Have my own elf team now Big Grin

Btw here is my strategy. Hope it can help fellow dragon users Smile

Stage 1: No skill using. Just take down both of them normally.
Stage 2: Activating Ursula and Novalis. Using another skill if needed cause you will probably get them ready the next stage. Kill both of them and die as planned. My only diamond here Dodgy
Stage 3: Activating Novalis back and you still have one Ursula turn left. If there are 6 or more dark runes on board, don't need to use any other skill. If not just use them. One hit both.
Stage 4: Quickly take down the egg. Then using the remaining turns to store CD until Isabell's CD reaches 1. Using Barbara to tank her attack, then activating Ursula to kill her.
Stage 5: Tricky stage for me here cause my HP wasn't enough to tank Marguerite attack. First just take down the egg as usual. Then try to store CD for your cards by not attacking Marguerite so hard. I still killed her first form before my Ursula ready but with my lovely savior Barbara, I just made it in time Tongue Not to mention that dark runes just dropped non stop so Novalis even had a turn with around 350k dmg lol xD Using Ursula to finish her and go facing the boss Big Grin
Stage 6: Still have one turn of Ursula left, using all converters so I have to pray that fire and light runes will also be dissolved as well. Luckily they are! About 13-14 combo and the result as what you see. Goodbye Diablo Tongue

(10-31-2013, 11:03 AM)Shustrik-116rus[4PDA] Wrote: [Image: 595fcc90.jpg]
Complete!! (Every 3 turn full recover HP, PKOD for magness) - Very slooow but easy (I lost 3 diamond in a magness)

(10-31-2013, 12:26 PM)ralfhero Wrote: Cleared with 6 diamonds

Loki + Odin/Felix/Gemini/Bapho + Daji

Would have been less diamonds but i suck... ya that sums up my game play aganist The evil Controller.... augh~~~
Stage 1 Easy
Stage 2 Easy
Stage 3 1 Diamond, kill Magness but cannot kill the egg, damage not high enough to damage the egg and no dark runes....
Stage 4 1 Diamond, I knew going to spend a diamond here cause of the egg, used Felix and Daji skill to kill them both and sucide myself
Stage 5 4 diamonds, I suck.... and i need to store my felix and Daji CD so suck thumb
Stage 6 Activate all skills and over kill diablo, Loki himself dealing 900k damage Zzzz ..... shouldn't waste diamonds at stage 5, coulda save those 4 diamonds, don't need felix and daji here since i got gemini and bapho.

(10-31-2013, 12:30 PM)VVV Wrote: Did it with 6 diamonds,

Pkoe + pkod + pqow + Medea + Sage Master Molly + fox

Spent 0 diamonds until light stage where I got a bit unlucky with rune drops and accidentally killed the egg because a couple of 5+ runes dropped in a clump so accidentally nuked it :/ then didn't have enough rounds to store CD

Why I never used Urd: total HP below 12558 (sat at 12504) so had to sub her out for SGM, whose burst is pretty awesome when combined with fox, I have to say...

(10-31-2013, 01:02 PM)Edisunx Wrote: Gosh... Horror for me... Got Diablo with 13 diamonds...
Stage 1 = 0 diamond
Stage 2 = 1 diamond (expected)
Stage 3 = 1 diamond (drag and started with wrong rune than what I had planned)
Stage 4 = 1 diamond (die because can't damage Isabell first / expected)
Stage 5 = 2 diamonds (building up cd skills couldn't burst and rely on drop)
Stage 6 = 8 diamonds (got cold finger, didn't get all runes dissolve twice, and once with out complete 5 colors runes... so practically wasted 3 rounds)

Went with mono dark thinking that Lu Bu + PKOD = 50% HP, plus fox burst should be good enough but turned out that high level really makes difference in damage output. If only all are high level and HP > 12558 for sure it would be less than 6-8 diamonds.
Loki (53)
GSOD (88)
Baph (53)
PKOD (53)
Lu Bu (53)
Ally Fox Max

So far, Solar Sirius proven to be the easiest for me with only 2 diamonds with monofire Poppy-Tyr.
May be it will be less diamond if I went in with my monofire Poppy-Tyr... Sigh... but job done, time to have funSmile


Elf Queen all over again =_="

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(10-19-2013, 11:38 AM)Metacreeper Wrote: Maybe 2 eggs, one for CD, one for healing (which stops Trojan decks as well).

(10-19-2013, 11:38 AM)Derpzilla Wrote: Elf Queen all over again =_="


My guess, no.. As on the screenshot posted by TOS..
[Image: 0000885078.JPG][Image: 0000885079.JPG][Image: 0000885080.JPG]

Only one egg per stage hmm

If Diablo has rainbow shield his HP is probably low(hoping)
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Sliming all penguins into the slime side.

Oh, and I'm faboo

I can't see the images?
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(10-19-2013, 11:47 AM)Derpzilla Wrote: If Diablo has rainbow shield his HP is probably low(hoping)

Diablo HP can be see from the image lol.. roughly

(10-19-2013, 11:47 AM)VVV Wrote: I can't see the images?

Not for me hmm
hmm in one of the screencaps diablo's cd is 2, so maybe there's a small window to make sure we have all 5 kinds of runes on the board. after that, a hongyue/skuld or felix/daji nuke seems like a good option for mono teams...
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[Image: 7c52d11a.jpg]
For Yvette, seems to be red, green and blue cant dmg her? My guess though.

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(10-19-2013, 12:21 PM)shue249 Wrote: For Yvette, seems to be red, green and blue cant dmg her? My guess though.

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It's actually enchanted lol..
(10-19-2013, 12:21 PM)shue249 Wrote: For Yvette, seems to be red, green and blue cant dmg her? My guess though.

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Yvette is immune to enchanted runes :/
Tired mess


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