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Azathoth for Dummies
[Image: 800?cb=20171204082342]

Introduction and Background

The ruler of the Outer Gods is part of the Prologue of the Universe series which was released in Version 14.3. Dragon race didn't have a leader for quite a while, Copper Bullet was not really satisfying and it's been ages since Faugn stopped to be a reliable leader. Novalis was collecting dust and after so long Madhead decided to bring up a really strong series focused on Dragon, Demons and Beasts, on release they went a bit unnoticed because the players didn't understand much of the powers of this cards, but later they became quite popular and started to dominate many stages with ease, Daoloth was really fast on the leaderboards, Ghroth dominating the Arena, and Azahoth was clearing A LOT of stages he was not really designed for, his kit packs a lot of tools that after a while turned him in to a S tier leader and have not been taken down from there. In current day he is still very strong, probably a bit out of the spotlight because the first 3 areas of the 10th seal will prevent you from playing him, but there will be always someone attempting to clear new stages with him and being able to clear it.

I got my Azathoth during Mesopotamia event, personally I dislike Azathoth because he was packed with a lot of tools that turn stages way too easy and other jackpots from limited time seals didn't get such a good treatment (ie. Zhurong, Arthur or Li Tieguai).

Mechanics and Theory

Team Skill

  1. After entering a Stage, Active Skill CD(s) of Dark Dragon(s) -3.
    This is great because the Leader and Adjutant cooldown will be reduced to 5 unpon entering the stage, you can also get some other Dragons instantly thanks to this skill.
  2. For every 10 Runestones dissolved, deal 500,000 Dark Damage to all enemies before attacks, to the max 1,500,000 for 30 Runestones dissolved (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted); 1% of Damage dealt will be converted to HP Recovery (only Damage dealt to undefeated enemies will be counted).
    This snipe is one of the things that makes him clear quite fast, you can deal with many mobs by just dissolving the columns under leader and adjutant and recovering a lot of health with that and this and the next skill. This direct damage is also used to break enemy stealth.
  3. Recover 50% HP for each enemy defeated.
    Enemy retaliates with a bomb or inflicts set amount of damage based on how many monsters attacked? no problem this team skill will alleviate that.
  4. Extend Runestone-moving time by 1 second. The more the Attributes in the Team, the more the Runestone-moving time will be extended, to the max 3 seconds.
    Based on the team skill you should know that to get the best Benefit from it you will need 3 or more attributes in the team, this is nice because you get benefit from using some popular Dragons like Ursula, Nidhogg and Colin.
Leader Skill
Violence of Dark Dragons:
Dragon HP x 1.3; Dragon Attack x 4. For each Combo made in the first batch of Runestones dissolved, 1 Enchanted Dark Runestones will be generated in the column below the Monster. If 10 or more Dark Runestones are dissolved in the Round, Team Attack x 1.6 additionally.

The amount of HP you get is always around 50~70k depending on which Dragons you are bringing to the team, reaching the 10 dark runestones dissolved every round can be a bit challenging because you either need to dissolve the columns under leader and adjutant, use converters, or use Azathoth active skill. The multiplier is not insane, but along with the usual core members and all other utilities that Azathoth offers it is quite nice.

Active Skill
Extensive Elimination: (CD 8) Explode all Runestones to generate Runestones of the Attribute of the Dragon in the column. For column(s) below non-Dragon(s), Runestones will be dropped randomly.

This skill can help you overcome a ton of board hazards, but if you do a care ful planning on how you set the members you can actually arrange the board to get more combos by stacking, in normal dissolve you can get up to 6 combos from the columns and 2 more from the dark runestones that will drop under leader and adjutant making at least 8 combos which is nice to overcome Combo Shield EX. I won't expand on the board stacking because I don't have that information available right now, yet if you are really in to it you could search for it over Bahamut or in the Facebook groups.

Core Members
It is hard to say that Azathoth have any "core" members because it's kit alone is quite complete, yet the most standard and popular builds tend to include the following cards:

[Image: 50] Engulfing Darkness - Novalis: Probably the most traditional Dragon member, if you have his Dragonware along with Azathoth team skill you can get him working in 2 turns. There is no replacement for Novalis so be sure to try to get this card from the diamond seal.

[Image: 50] Reverberation of the Whirlpools - Ursula: The second most traditional member, basically when Novalis is in play and you trigger Ursula active that will make it so all dragons have the same damage as Novalis, she last for 2 rounds so she is great to deal with bosses that have 2 health bars, some players tend to run dupes of her as well. She also has Dragonware.

[Image: 50] Spread of Silver Wings - Colin: Probably one of the best Ultimate Lords ever released, so be sure to keep an eye of him returning and don't doubt about farming him. Colin can help to clear WFE runestones for some shields or can help you overcome puzzle shield and vortex shields with ease.

Team Building Options

You should be aware that Azathoth is able to slot cards of any race without breaking the boost for dragons, this being said you can bring cards like Brynhildr if really needed, other than that I will list here all the relevant dragons that are common options for Azathoth teams.

[Image: 50] Nidhogg the Corpse of Ragnarök: In this team you will recover mainly via the snipe of vampirism or by defeating enemies so Nidhogg non-existent recovery shouldn't be an issue, his HP is almost the value of 2 cards. The main use of Nidhogg is the 2.5x dragon attack, the problem is that it's cooldown is quite long so you might have to stall some rounds to use it again. Since it is a Sealed Lord it is a quite common card to max.

[Image: 50] The Retained Flame - Fthaggua: In theory this card is better than Nidhogg when it comes to total damage output, it is way faster as well but since it is an Ultimate Lord you will have to wait a while for it's return. It is also the only relevant Fire Dragon for Azathoth so it is worth to keep this in mind in case you are facing some enemy that lowers non-fire damage.

[Image: 50] Demiurge of Antinomy - Daoloth: Probably a bit of luxury or getting the benefit from both sides, by using Daoloth in the team you can get +12 extra combo count and his self-boost so yes, outstanding damage output.

[Image: 50] Unbegotten Source - Ubbo: To be honest I hardly see people using it because there are better boosters like those mentioned above, yet it is a nice low budget member I guess. It also comes from Source of Engraving seal.

[Image: 50] Bloody Juxtaposition - Draco: This one comes from the Starlight Compass, which is the seal for Starburst Pulses series so not really common for everyone to have. The ideal use is to pair her with Novalis so he can launch more attacks which can help to save Ursula active for other rounds.

[Image: 50] Masamune the Homicidal Maniac: This one was a boss in Joint Operations so he usually returns in the exchange for some new cards. He is a faster version of Ursula but also a budget for those that don't happen to have her, Sadly he only lasts 1 round.

[Image: 50] Dragon of World - Zhao Yun: Another Joint Operation boss that you can get from exchanging with new cards. This one is one of my favorite cards in the game because his active offers very strong effects, the first one is a 1 round delay which is great to deal with enemies that summon at cd 1 or similar kind of gimmicks with first blood shield. The second effect is a 15 second unlimited movement of runestones which is the best way for Azathoth to deal with Metasphere so be sure to not miss this card.

[Image: 50] Ultimate Foodaholic - Sunnie: Enchanted shields tend to be annoying everywhere and can make you waste some rounds, reason why I always resort on Sunnie and similar active skills to solve that problem. In this team she also helps to provide more dark runestones which increases the snipe damage and allowing you to reach the 10 dark runestones dissolved for the extra multiplier of the leader skill with ease (think of tornado scenario or wall shots for instance).

[Image: 50] Mortonyx: a team full of this monster can snipe 120k many times in the same wave which is amazing for leaderboard runs, Laku is very popular over Discord by clearing with that kind of setup. Mortonyx comes from the Lost Relic Pass so you can farm it from there. Since the cooldown is just 3 you can get it ready since the first round thanks to Azathoth team skill.

[Image: qAerqA7.png]

[Image: tgasfLe.png]

[GOS] Oriceles. UID: 64,287,068
Common adjutants: Latest patch members I manage to grab lol.
I'm Guild of Saviors president, if you want to join be sure to join the Discord server for information.
May be worth adding:
Seth/Shu on rare occasions you might want this utility
Also dark golem. Usually inferior to Colin/Sunnie but there are rare cases where you want to get rid of light.

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
There's also Propitious for a static 1.5x as long as you can dissolve the leader/ally column

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