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Azathoth Deck
So I managed to pull Azathoth... I have been away for some time but recently back.

My team looks like this:
Azathoth + PR Novalis + PR Ursula + Colin + PR Nidhogg ...

However I saw a screenshot of someone Mortonyx - is it worth getting one and maxing it out and replacing it for Nidhogg?


[Image: output_W6m_OG0.gif]
No. Nidhogg is better, just because of stats and healing skill. Snipe is unnecessary in Aza team also. But need to organize them so the same colors don't touch though for Aza's active. So Azathoth - Ursula - Novalis - Colin - Nidhogg would be fine. Cards I'd consider swapping in are Masamune (faster version of Ursula) or Draco (toggle, gives Novalis two extra attacks), in exchange for Colin, since you already have two explodes from leader-ally.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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Hmm one of the cards looks like it was from a joint operation... so I guess I wont be seeing that card for awhile. Whereas Draco can be pulled.

Guess ill use my current setup since its pretty strong as is.

[Image: output_W6m_OG0.gif]
JO is next week, and I think its relatively likely that at least one of the previous dragon JOs will be up for trading. Hopefully Masamune will be one of them?
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Just to chime in, Yes Masamune was brought back, so grab at least 1 copy of him in exchange for a copy of Tawil. He is in the Fortress.
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Awesome. Done. Got Masamune to max level and slvl from trading excess Tawil.
[Image: output_W6m_OG0.gif]
One thing not mentioned is the +3s teamskill. If u add a dark dragon then u cant fit other colors thus decreasing ur spin time. This creates a kind of restriction unless u dont mind the reduction. As a bonus ur dark dragons get an initial reduction in cd time
Is there a difference between 4 color and 5 color team spin time ? I don't feel it ... if you play 2 color then yes I can feel it but 4 color is enough to maximise 6-7 combo and then see sky drop raise the combo count to 10+. I pretty much like Azathoth playstyle, even though it feels overpowered to me, but there's some effort gone towards making sure you dissolve both ends of the board and everything in between.
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looking for top players in leaderboards so i can copy your team.
no black cards plz

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I always go for 4 colors dragon team.
Aza, Ursula, Novalis, Colin, Nid/Draco

5 colors mean we need to sacrifice novalis. not worth it and it's not fun without him. hahaha
The extra time teamskill caps at +3s, beginning in +1s (dark) and adding +1s for each different attribute, so I guess 3 colours should be enough to cap it.

That being said, should I go Azathoth-Colin-Novalis-Draco/Nidhogg-Masamune-Azathoth or Azathoth-Ursula-Novalis-Draco/Nidhogg-Colin-Azathoth?

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