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Attribute of ? blocks - and to an extent scrambled blocks.
Not really ask the community but more a PSA. Apologies if everyone is already aware of this.

I was watching one of Aahlsy's videos and noted that he had the suggested path function turned on and was using it to determine the attribute of ? blocks by clicking on them and it would show a path to join them with same attribute blocks, thus revealing their attribute. I had never used suggested path so wasn't aware this was possible. I just wanted to let others know this could be done (not sure it will be useful on an all ? board though however it could be combined with another app to solve - such as Puzzle & Dragons optimizer).

What I used previously to try to determine ? or scrabled attribute blocks was holding down on a block. If it is the weakness or strength attribute of one of the monsters it will show an arrow up or down on that monster. You can use this to determine a couple of attributes sometimes but is of limited help compared to using the suggested path method.

I normally just use this on fully-masked boards. There was one case where I needed to do 1-combo so I could activate DC. Normally it's fine if you pay attention to the board before it gets masked but if you're not watching then the suggested path comes in handy Smile

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Thanks for tips, now I don't have to waste my time remembering or screenshotting my board from a masked runes stage Big Grin

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