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Attribute: Dark
I'm gonna try this as a new type of thread for this subforum, I hope it's alright, because the previous presumption I had that people would be willing to do write ups for smaller archetypes has proven false. No harm no foul, but I think if bigger threads draw more traction and are more useful to the playerbase, might as well do them if I have the time and energy.

Okay. So this thread is to collate the major leaders and members for the entirety of the dark attribute, mono playstyle. Many of which, regardless of playstyle use the same members. Feel free to comment your preferred leaders, setups, playstyles below.

Current Meta Leaders:
[Image: 50?cb=20180122110033][Image: 50?cb=20151005092527][Image: 50?cb=20180305110905][Image: 50?cb=20180305110902][Image: 50?cb=20170206115238][Image: 50?cb=20170523205742][Image: 50?cb=20171204093922][Image: 50?cb=20161219100732][Image: 50?cb=20161031132713]

No particular order.

Core Members:
[Image: 50?cb=20150705131635]★★★★★
Has been the center of dark teams since his AR. A unresettable 6x self booster, with a spin condition.

[Image: 50?cb=20150705131638]★★★★☆
Alma is more restricted than and weaker than Pollux, but often fits into teams just as seamlessly. Her defense breaking effect has good utility uses.

[Image: 50?cb=20170523210039]★★★★☆
Unlike the other self-boosters, Lancelot suffers from a weakness to Neutralize-Reset effects. However he possesses a strong offensive convert that lasts two turns and has a short CD to make up for it.

[Image: 50?cb=20160505101916]★★★★☆
Khaos is a great member with a lot of uses. He extends rune space like protagonists, has a time tunnel effect for complicated shields, creates enchanted runes, and functions as a statstick.

[Image: 50?cb=20170429185056][Image: 50?cb=20170429185109]★★★★☆
The original dark statstick. I don't think Odin is as popular a member as he once was, but he's still a pretty solid pick.

[Image: 50?cb=20170523205742]★★★★☆
He is basically dark Medea, but...different. Certain teams benefit very greatly from him as a member.

[Image: 50?cb=20151117182240]★★★☆☆
This card in its current form hasn't been around long enough that I can really say I know how good it is. It's just hard to imagine him being picked over the top 3 self-boosters.

[Image: 50?cb=20180330083115]★★★☆☆
Hel's a difficult one. Definitely she's not for every leader in the cut, but she's not worthless.

[Image: 50?cb=20161219100548]★★★☆☆
The prevalence of self-boosters in dark makes Edward a popular choice for team booster.

[Image: 50?cb=20170715103500]★★★☆☆
It's strange to include this card but he is quite good utility and convert, on top of having sealed lord stats.

[Image: 50?cb=20180416092041][Image: 50?cb=20180416092042]★★★☆☆
These days explodes are such standard cards to want to have. There are a few for dark but Osiris is the best, so I'm only listing him for core. His NVR is an attribute changer, which is useful in certain situations.

[Image: 50?cb=20160125130250][Image: 50?cb=20160125130251]★★★☆☆
No longer the must have she once was, but she's still worth some investment, especially for the added spin time her dragonware grants.

[Image: 50?cb=20140622092423]★★★☆☆
It's just unfortunate that unless there's a human achievement, Khaos has eclipsed Endor so much. But he can be quite difficult to acquire, so I wouldn't completely discount her.

[Image: 50?cb=20180104102651]★★☆☆☆
Tawil is like the bargain brand version of dark's main members. If you have no other option, she'll do.

[Image: 50?cb=20180330083119]★★☆☆☆
Pegasus is made for Lynx, but he also works as a substitute for Pollux/Alma/Lancelot, albeit one you must be very careful about using.

[Image: 50?cb=20171117151341]★☆☆☆☆
I'm not sure anyone's actually using this card for generic dark teams. But she is a flat team 2x. A risky one.

Notes On Attribute Meta:
  • In the current meta, dark is largely defined by what we call "self-boosters" these are cards which have some sort of way to passively multiply their own but not other member's damage persistently. These should be first pick in any dark team.
  • Dark stats tend toward higher ATK, lower HP and RCV. Race will also affect these to an extent.
  • Dark is one of the more stable elements, genuine monodark leaders are released fairly rarely because of the strong member base.
  • Gods and demons are the races that seem most likely to be dark.
Sample teams:
  • Full Damage Team
[Image: 50?cb=20180305110905][Image: 50?cb=20150705131635][Image: 50?cb=20161219100548][Image: 50?cb=20150705131635][Image: 50?cb=20170523210039][Image: 50?cb=20180305110905]
  • Balanced Team
[Image: 50?cb=20180122110033][Image: 50?cb=20150705131635][Image: 50?cb=20161219100548][Image: 50?cb=20160505101916][Image: 50?cb=20180416092041][Image: 50?cb=20180122110033]
  • High Utility Team
[Image: 50?cb=20170206115238][Image: 50?cb=20150705131635][Image: 50?cb=20150705131638][Image: 50?cb=20170715103500][Image: 50?cb=20180416092041][Image: 50?cb=20170523205742]
  • Cheap Random Draws Team
[Image: 50?cb=20161219100732][Image: 50?cb=20170523210039][Image: 50?cb=20180104102651][Image: 50?cb=20140622093018][Image: 50?cb=20170508061828][Image: 50?cb=20161219100732]

Other Dark Teams (Further Restrictions):
Lynx (Monodark Beast)

Questions for discussion:
What do you feel about the current state of the dark attribute? Are you satisfied with the current stable of dark leaders/members?
How do you think the dark attribute will develop further in the future? What kind of leaders/members would you like to see?

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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I would add (note, not core members but awesome utility imho) :

Tempest of sakura - yomi from recent crash fever biweekly, cd7 board exploder, god attack x1.5 for 2 rounds, very helpful for dealing with many board conditions

KoF Athena Asamiya, 4 rounds damage received -30% (sadly human limitation for damage multiplier, but still good), works better in kof but still good if needed for utility

Froid - even better than Athena Asamiya, 2 rounds -40% dmg received, explodes all nonenchanted to generate enchanted and a x3 multiplier on gods for 2 rounds

Endor - as each of the starters for their color useful for extending the board and more time to deal with stuff

Yocto - dark izanagi and converter

Isabel the widow - for rose monodark fills a medusa role, rose can be a rainbow team, but also a pure dark which functions well

Sandman - 3 rounds , dmg received -95%

Basti - not a core, but very nice to have a x12 burst when needed, especially in teams that arent race restricted

And that would be it from me, as I've had limited experience with dark cards.

Lu Dongbin and Artemis seem as best mono dark leaders for me. They enable usage of off color cards as utility and are strong overall to fulfill some conditions (tawil perma boost and extra attacks in artemis teams and simmilar stuff).

I still gather cards to make a functioning mono dark team, but I found myself mostly using dark leaders as rainbow leaders (Rose and Lu Dongbin). Could it be simply that I lack good cards or that mono dark isn't favored lately by madhead?

I added Endor. The other cards feel a bit too niche, though many are good cards. Yocto I think used to be a must have member but has fallen off a lot as dark teams became god focused and lost the need for converters.

I kind of feel like dark has hit a plateau recently, with LDB being nice but nothing special. I've been using Rose and Aza to fulfill dark conditions too when I can get two achieves in one or have complicated stages like the towers. But I guess that's okay, because for a while dark seemed ridiculously better than the other attributes and now it doesn't. Anubis VR might shake things up, he really doesn't match the power level of the other Genesis cards.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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I think Anubis would work great as a member too. As a member, he gives x1.3 team attack, increased dark rune drop rate and enchanted dark rune at beginning of each round. By activating him you can have Dark God attack x2. Slot him into LDB or Artemis team and their damage will skyrocket.
Since I haven't managed to farm up my Osiris yet, my go-to explodes are actually Azathoth and Yomi, both of whom actually clear the entire board. Wawel is a common filler I use, bumping up HP and offering alternative healing without sacrificing offensive power. Dark Lionel and Felix also help dealing with multicolor Enchanted Shields. Yao Hou also serves as multiple utility with both a board explode and defense-piercing snipe.
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Would Gondul be a good member for dark leaders, such as Artemis and LDB? Didn't see her in the list of potential members
(07-26-2018, 05:06 AM)gilgameshTOS Wrote: Would Gondul be a good member for dark leaders, such as Artemis and LDB? Didn't see her in the list of potential members

LDB possibly but not Artemis, VR Greeks benefit from dissolving other attributive runes and have predetermined skydrop so converters aren't really recommended unless they perform some kind of utility function like an explode.
[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
LF: Love and condo buyers. JK.
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Gondul kind of works as short CD booster and predetermined column of 5 under L/A for Amelioration. The draw back isn't that big and makes board spinning easier, though you might lose some attributes.
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