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Just a question about Astralists. On what level do they appear most often? (Like Master etc.)

So far, I've only encountered an astralist thrice and all of them are on the same stage I had. All of them appeared in a battle each in the Taurus stage Apprentice but aside from that, I haven't seen others yet.

I think it's random. I encountered them almost every time on Master level.

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Regular Ally
Dark/Light DS
Fire/Water/Light ED

ID: 18,955,885

[Image: 90fe978a.jpg]
Met them like 5 times out of my last 7 attempts at Aries - Master

[Image: e2b2b610.jpg]
Currently Experimenting w/ Mono Water

Looking for x200% Water Attack Allies (Cthulhu, Aquarius and Freyr)!
Surprisingly I have never seen let alone dropped a water astralist...
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PR Saruman 
While it is true that most of my Astralists dropped on Master, it is worth noting that I only play Masters these days due to the better drops overall so do take that into account. Their drops are super random though. I went on a Scorpio court run and had 0 Dark Astralists dropping (but ironically, one fortune teller).

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