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Artemis for Dummies
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Greek Gods Mechanics
  • Core Members
  • Team Building Options
  • Sample Teams

For some weird reason Google Chrome crashed and I lost all the content of this thread so I am a bit pissed off and I will write all the stuff again when I relax. Meanwhile I will just deliver the essential stuff that is the second part of the thread.

Core Members

[Image: 60] Gemini of Recall - Castor & Pollux: Arguably one of the most powerful cards in the game and significantly popular in every setup that allows you to play either dark or god members. He will be the main damage dealer for your team, sadly Artemis can't break. He will take a while to max (slime farming, amelioration, power release and awakening recall) but it is totally worth it. Some people go to the extent of adding more than one copy of Pollux in to the team which means way more damage but personally I don't think that is something good to do unless you rely on Artemis heavily.

[Image: 60] Hel the Morale of All: She is mainly used as a cushion, which means there is no way you will miss recovery. You can also abuse her synergy to get overheal with Artemis. The only drawback is that she won't attack so you will need to balance this by having Pollux or Alma in the team. I don't recommend to bring Hel as a permanent member but having her as something situational. In order to get her you need to clear all of the stages in the Age of Heroic Spirits excluding the extras and then wait for Tuesday because she is only available in that day.

[Image: 60] Anubis the Jackal of Life & Death: Increasing the team attack passively and able to toggle Dark God Attack x2 every 3 turns is quite strong yet people fail to realize how to abuse the toggle mechanic properly. Other than that he is great because he will also increase the drop of Dark Runestones which Artemis highly appreciates. Personally I think that Anubis deserves some kind of upgrade but he is still strong.

Team Building Options

[Image: 60] Supreme Divine Overlord - Zeus: He provides A LOT of stats and can be used a long with Var to do 3 or different attributes achievement easily with Artemis staying as dark mono. His main active skill is thrash and is outdated, but his combine skill is not. I mean, the first portion of the combine skill will make it so Dark Runestones always drop together so the RNG can't hurt you that much, the second portion makes it so if there is a 6* Greek God active skill in play it will scale to the max damage. His second active skill is an offensive convert that turns hearts to his attribute, in this case would be to dark so is not that bad because it can help you get the 5 dark Runestones needed to keep Artemis active.

[Image: 60] Twilight of the Night - Corvus: She is better at rainbow teams, yet she is better known  as a budget alternative to Hel, problem is that she works just for 1 turn so you must be careful with your spinning and initial board, etc.

[Image: 60] Sombre Void Zeus: This version of Zeus provides a faster burst at just CD5, and also provides the offensive conversion, most players will say that this card is meh but I actually like it, you can also use him as budget alternative to Anubis.

[Image: 60] Scorpio of Agility - Alma: She is similar yet quite different to Pollux, her pros are that she deals a low poison damage to enemies with high armor and that her 4x bonus is easy to inflict on the enemies so for short scenarios she is probably better than Pollux which requires a lot of stall or opportunities to fully max his stacks. Another problem with Alma is that if the enemy is not controllable she is unable to inflict the poison and get the damage boost working.

[Image: 60] Prince of Sorrow & Happiness - Edward: Probably one of the most underrated cards in the game, Edward have higher base attack than Pollux himself, which means that he can provide 2 rounds of 3.5x attack to Pollux every 6 turns, that is pretty deadly.

[Image: 60] Obsessive Desire - Varuni: If you decide to go full of Gods then Varuni can be a good idea to keep the damage running, this being said she can be used as a budget alternative to Anubis.

[Image: latest?cb=20170715103500] Qi Tian Di: Before Pollux Awakening Recall was introduced he used to be the damage dealer for dark and god setups, then he has stayed relevant in the meta because he is able to explode runestones of selected attribute and have stats comparable to those of sealed lords (4.6k HP wtf?!). Sadly this guy was not returning and was the hardest boss in Tower of Saviors history at the time so very small amount of players have access to him.

[Image: 60] Mischievous Wit - Lü Dongbin: He is a rare leader which is also able to play rainbowish setups, yet he can do a similar role same role as Qi Tian Di when it comes to exploding specific runestones.

[Image: 60] Judge of the Dead - Osiris: Similar to Yomi, but he is different because he is probably the only snipe active that Vishnu have access to in the pool of Light and Dark Gods, other than that you will keep enchanted dark God Runestones and get a Dark multiplier bonus after the Runestones explode.

[Image: 60] Death Redemption - Osiris: Can turn the enemy to light for 1 turn which is good to deal against switching shields or "non-weakness" type of shields.

[Image: 60] Lord of All Gods - Khaos: Personally I don't own him yet (no light mono at the time), but he is a huge problem solver against a lot of enemy skills so it is good to keep him in consideration, also his stats are really high so I think it is hard to say that he can be a wrong choice.

[Image: 60][Image: 55] Deathwhisperer Endor: She is good in all phases of the game but you are likely to use her until you manage to get Katherin with Harp of Fantasia or Khaos himself. I think that crafting her Dragonware is not a bad idea and that the condition for the boost is pretty easy to trigger in Artemis.

[Image: 60][Image: 55] Regretful Vixen Su Daji: Probably you will need this if you are facing a metasphere, otherwise you are better using he Divergence form. You get the additional second from her Dragonware and the super high recovery so that is all she can provide until you complete her cooldown. Also I really don't like that her cooldown is so freaking high, you can drop it to 14 if you have her Dragonware.

[Image: 60][Image: 55] Benevolent Xian Vixen - Su Daji: This divergence form makes more sense, I mean CD7 for half of the the power that you get from the refinement form and a lowered boost. Yet even if this form is pretty good you are more likely to end up playing Khaos or Endor.

[Image: 60] Ascetic Mind Vishnu: all the benefits from that short CD active skill are too good to ignore, I will probably pick Vishnu active over Void Zeus.

[Image: 60] Twin Divas Yan & Xi: The fatal call active for dark mono, sadly it comes in demon form with a subpar HP of 1.2k that is not compensated in any form when you look at her other stats. You will be using this card only for scenarios where you don't want Heart Runestones in the board or if you are planning to go full in to skydrop like going with Anubis and Hel.

[Image: 60] Tempest of Sakura - Yomi: One of the best biweekly cards in the game, sadly she is not returning, 2 rounds of boosted damage and can explode the entire board which is great against all kind of board hazards, she is also faster than Egyptian Gods.

[Image: 60] Cat Mercenary Commander - Felix: Board enchant and shared effect of all runestones, you can use this to unmask, deal with enchanted quintet shield or simply pair with Daji/Endor/Khaos for absurd damage in the first batch.

[Image: 60] Memories Engulfer - Isabel: Dark mono doesn't have too many control options yet this one is one of the best in the game, if the enemy is one those that likes to strike super hard in the first attack or have initial shield but you can control it then she can save you as long as you are able to stall 10 rounds before reaching that enemy.

Sample Teams

Skydrop heavy
[Image: 60][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 60]
  • This team is really weak to neutralize reset
  • Removing hearts early will make it hard to get stacks for Pollux so you might consider changing him for Alma instead.
  • This setup is good at overheal but not the best
  • Hel won't provide damage and Xi attack will be minimal compared to other members so you will need to toggle Anubis every 3 turns and keep Artemis active running efficiently which should be hard as long as Xi is in play.
Zodiac Burst
[Image: 60][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 60]
  • Edward along with self-attack boosters means absurd damage.
  • You can swap Alma for a second Pollux but remember that she is played in a different way because of poison etc.
  • Anubis can be change for Varuni or Sombre Void Zeus if you don't have him.
Off-Color Zodiac + 2 seconds of movement of runestones
[Image: 60][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 60]
  • Luna AR bonuses are too good so if you don't mind loosing Damage per turn in order to get more burst go for it.
  • Hel along with Su Daji provide absurd healing.
  • Su Daji could also be Felix, Yomi or Osiris depending on what the stage calls for.
"Team consists of only gods" + "Team consists of 3 or more attributes"
[Image: 60][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 60]
  • Zeus and Var will change their attribute to dark so you can stay playing Artemis.
  • Then again Anubis could be changed to anything else.
Hurr Durr
[Image: 60][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 55][Image: 60]
  • Literally this is like playing Tan Sanzang or something but worst.
  • Obviously the damage will be really high but no utility whatsoever
  • As long as you can tank and the enemy lets you have either light or heart runestones then you are fine.
  • Good for 30 riddles under the moonlight challenge.
[Image: qAerqA7.png]


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