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Aria team building
Sorted by 
Water 7-8*
Water 6*
Water 5*
Earth humans
Fire humans
Light humans
Dark humans

In particular, I would like to know if there's cards / better alternatives for certain skills:
Elizabeth for frozen runestones
Mark-II for defence break
Snowball Quarterback for Multi-hit initial shield
Yuki-onna for heart convert (currently skill 10 from farming)
Urd for freeze
PKoW for damage reduction
Yang Jian/ Beowulf for enemy element conversion
Newton(fire) for force skydrop 
? for attack evasion
? for time tunnel
? for recovery boost (for overheal shields)

Really appreciate any help!

[Image: 7okyPjf.png]
[Image: FVuAYoL.png]

[Image: EwaVU5j.png]

[Image: pall0Wt.png]
[Image: iO6m3CF.png]
[Image: 1RqwY1H.png]
[Image: Hf25WVV.png]

Common Acronyms
Looking for Chalice of Eternity Aria allies!
ID: 29,490,729

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