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Hi everyone,

[Image: Paladin_Tier_2_Judgement_set_by_peetietang.jpg]
(from Google Images)

★One-Week Specal Battle: Descent of Spirit - Light★
Time: Feb 24 (Mon) - Mar 2 (Sun)
"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."


[Image: Pet142.png]
(from ToS Wiki)

Paladin King of Light
Max Level Stats:
HP: 2254
Attack: 1107
RCR: 429
Total : 3790

EXP to max: 4,000,000

Active: Full Heart - Fully Recovers HP. Lowest CD: 10
Leader: Human Vitality - For every human on your team, HP x 250%.

Good old PKoL. Other than his usefulness as a standalone card, you may wish to farm him to level the skill of your Saruman too.

*Note: Only the unevolved form will drop.
*Note2: Link to previous thread:

Based on:

(02-23-2014, 10:58 PM)dadarocks Wrote: Hi everyone,

Easy Transmigration50 Clear, Stat ARE NOT correct!
All Dragons are PR and AllMax Ame IV. HP ~20K
[Image: 0d8943f0.jpg]
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(02-27-2014, 08:39 AM)Metacreeper Wrote: @Piehunter
Okay, just give me some time... busy this week.
Lol what? The second paragraph is a bit hard to understand @[email protected]

Thanks Smile

Update the SM bosses if you can Sad thanks X)

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Updated thread with:
1. Missing Soulmasters
2. Missing "Way To...'
3. Sin series
4. Linked in "Investiture" - under Zodiac
5. Slotted the Easter event together with Santa, renamed section 'Festive events' rather than 'Guild Event'

Yet to be updated:
1. (Part) Alice Series
2. Lovecraft Series
3. Disney Series

Also likely add another section for:
PR battles
Amelioration battles
Black Hole PR Mat / Harpy Battle

Have unpinned a few threads from General Discussion, linked the bulk of them, but have not linked this one yet:

Never realized how dependent I was on this particular post until I started searching for the battles that have yet to be linked in here. Need to keep this updated; best not to lose those links

Apologies in advance for the messy HTML and inconsistent colours.
[Image: 30a89a58.jpg]
This is awesome, thank you for updating it!
Thank you for updating this. It is really helpful.

So much better than searching through the entire forum.
I had bookmark this page !!! this is great !!! !!!
nice work bro
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