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Any help with the 7th seal
As you expected i'm stuck in the circle of life mission.
i just started playing 20 days ago, and i thought i was lucky until i reached this HELL.
i will put my inventory and you can check it out, and tell me if it's even slightly possible to win this.
i did fail miserably against him ;-;
ps i have an ally wukong.

Eh, I'm not pro lol I went a grindy way about it. Go to lost relics and get yourself an Idun, PR her and then use her as leader ally pr wu kong and fill with decent recovery and attackers. I used PR Idun, Lubu, Lance, Nobunaga, and GSoD, with PR Wu Kong for ally. Just cleared it myself.

I'm sure people will bash on me, but it was quick getting thru to Niddhogg, but took about 25-30 minutes to kill him.

Just stating what worked for me. You can use whatever you like for fillers just bring some converters and boosters.

Lowlife lvl377
ID: 7879241
Allies - Guan Yu, Izanagi, Satan, ***Will Finish List***

Lowlife v.2
ID: 84732353
Allies - Ye Shiao Chai, Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Lu Bu, PR Dodo, PR Idun
Buy LR pass to get Verthandi feed her Honeymoon untill Slv.max and then use her with Matthew and Wu kong. Grind till the boss die.
For the rest of the team just put anything with high hp should work. If you can PR Verthandi and ame her it should be much easiler.

I was stuck here, but I finally killed him just a few minutes ago.
My team was:
Method of Elunchus Socrates, Boundless Imagination Phi, the 3 mech parts, and a Final Calculation Turing as an ally.
I cleared that stage using idun and wukong. Took a while, but nvm

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