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Any Tips For Gem Searching Day - Master?
Just tried my first gem searching day - Master

How on earth do u damage the tier 5 dragon egg? Let alone survive the damage from him?

I cleared it with

Fox Del Vi (Leader)
Water Pally
Hellfire pally
Great Earth Schema
Pally Light King
Demon King Bull (Ally)

Your options are:-

1. You want enough damage to kill it before it hits you once -double beast dmg, with more earth beasts if possible, double earth rage, with pure earth team, double dragon fury with pure dragon team.

2.Have enough hp to survive one shot, so you can heal back easily in between the CD. Even if you do this you will need some damage in order to break its initial defense.

3.Consider light stavrophore active to lower its defense and kill it in that time.

4.Kill it slowly with Valkyrie active and passive.

TLDR: You will need a minimum of 9k hp to survive 1 shot i think, 1.5k dmg per shot or higher to pass its defense (you will want 3k dmg to feel comfortable). Enough recovery to get back 9k hp in 5 turns, or faster depending if there are 2 crystal dragons. This requirement can be bypassed with certain active or leader skill such as paladin queen of aqua leader skill, light stavrophore active skill, valkyrie active and leader skill.

If you cannot meet these requirements u have no hope of passing this stage.

i just cleared this stage with a breeze.
took me less than 10 mins to clear the master lvl.

here's my team:

Leader: Icetoragon
ally : PKoE (coz i dont have freinds with - water dmg x.x)
[Image: d8c16537.jpg]

Looking for more Minamoto/Thor/Loki/Daji Allies
what are the cards you have? the easiest would be to find pkoe as ally to boost your team damage, you can also play defensive depending on your cards
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(04-11-2013, 12:19 AM)yonza Wrote: Just tried my first gem searching day - Master

How on earth do u damage the tier 5 dragon egg? Let alone survive the damage from him?

From the thread, defense of Crystal Dragon is 2000, Little Crystal Dragon is 4000.

In the following format. (Atk/cd/hp/def)

Crystal Egg - 300/5/7/7000
Little Crystal Dragon - 4000/5/14/4000
Crystal Dragon - 9000/5/90000/2000

The good news, the CD is not 1, so you should have at minimum at least 1 turn between attacks to heal. Just build a team that can hit above 2K minimum, and you have enough hp to tank every hit. If you can't, take Icetaragon (-50% water damage) or anything that increase hp (PKoL leader for paladin team, GSoE leader for beast team, etc) and it should be a bit easier to survive.

In a pinch, Honeymon/Master Honeymon (beast HP x200%) can be also used as a leader with a few beast (-75% defense), and the active can slowly drain enemy HP while healing you.
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Hi TS!

Suggestion would like be either double beast x 250% or double PKoE if you do not have much health. Otherwise you can tank the damage all the way by using HIGH HP such as combining Honeymoon/Master as leader and 4 Beast (3* wolf at max for all 4 would take your HP to 12k-ish).

I find it hard for me at first as well but managed to finish this with GSoD ally which allows me to deal 10k damage to it every turn while having high health w/ a beast team.
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Currently Experimenting w/ Mono Water

Looking for x200% Water Attack Allies (Cthulhu, Aquarius and Freyr)!

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