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Another returning player ^^
Hey guy,

I'm back in the game since 2018 ! :p
A lot happening and i'm currently what can i do with my cards...

A little help would be glady appreciated :p
  • My team :
[Image: SgqmkoL.jpg]

  • My inventory (by color/race) :
[Image: y7MafdH.jpg]
[Image: YnsF4A8.jpg]
[Image: nXCcplE.jpg]
[Image: p5AHSOz.jpg]
[Image: vqsBCC8.jpg]
[Image: hM8Fclb.jpg]
[Image: 30TE2zb.jpg]
[Image: 3WU4Ryv.jpg]
[Image: b6VmY6t.jpg]
[Image: WYV6G2g.jpg]
[Image: CftQSRA.jpg]
[Image: TOhgqFe.jpg]
[Image: wEFBoQW.jpg]
[Image: wfKBIu0.jpg]
[Image: JkzspSX.jpg]
[Image: c9n6Llp.jpg]
[Image: JLL2Wxi.jpg]
[Image: 81v0bYt.jpg]

Hope you could help to improve my currently team and create new one !

Thanks to all for your time.


Welcome back! Right to the point, your Atlantis and Ophiuchus teams are looking real solid already, so there's not much to be said on that.

Atlantis: Aforgomon is very utility-oriented and can be swapped out depending on the stage. Personally I'd recommend PR Giemsa, PR Molly, PR Tefnut, PR Daesung and Florice for more regular use. JTTW is getting their dragonware on CNY so you can consider Ao Guang as well if you feel the need for another converter and can afford to forge his dragonware. If you want to use Atlantis' active more often, you can also farm up your whale Monstro and spam his snipe skill every turn Tongue

Ophiuchus: Not much different from my own setup, except I have Qi Tian Di instead of Alma and Shyplant instead of Yvette. Honestly, the team's fine as is but if you want to make changes you can swap out Alma for VR Odin and Shyplant for Daji if you're planning to train her (again, dragonware coming soon and you already have 2 of her) and want another time-tunnel in the team. The only concern is the high CD on Yvette, guess you didn't farm her at Lost Relic before evolving?

Xiahou Dun: Not a fantastic leader tbh, but then again all the rares from this series are lacking. She's good for normal stage farming with her auto-convert akin to Izanagi. Her active basically forces you to get hit, and with Medea on you're almost guaranteed to die in current stages so it's pretty much kill or be killed with this setup. I'd actually swap Medea out for Gemini. If you want to get use out of her active you'll need a damage reduction skill and Piasa or Lu Xun should do. You'll lose out on the demon bonus if you opt for Piasa but it's safer this way, plus Altair is pretty useless on this team anyway and you don't really have any other notable demon like Lancelot or Ghroth. Maybe Xiahou Dun - Gemini - Circe - Tawil - Piasa - Xiahou Dun. Ugh, the fact that it forces you to build tricolor gives me a headache lol.

Apollo: Hmm, Idun and Yu Wun Tuo don't really work that well in this team. Full board converts are actually counterproductive in VR Greek and, Idun, well, is outdated. Try to farm at least 2 PR Lucifers the next time it comes around but for now you can run Apollo - Luna - Lucifer - Minamoto + Fusion partner - Apollo. Or, you could ditch Lucifer entirely until you can PR it and run Apollo - Zeus (make sure to farm him next week) - Minamoto + Fusion partner - Morse - Apollo. This team is very rough around the edges but it'll work in the meantime. If you want to experiment on a light team without Lucifer, ideally choose members with lower CDs that fulfill a particular niche. Also, Dark Zeus is due to come out soon and is a very nice addition to VR Greek so keep that in mind moving forward with teambuilding. 

Hope this helps!  Tongue

PR: FED OoD, WE Newborn Elves, Aloha, Dipankara etc.
VR: FEL Greek, WFEL Crimson Grace, ED Norse, Daji
Rares: Atlantis, Maya, Azathoth, Ghroth, Daoloth, Rose, Sakura, Ophiuchus, Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Amaterasu, Izanagi, Chessia, Abraham, Uncle Tuu, Xiahou Dun
LF: VR Greeks  Heart

ID: 21218485
Thanks @put1572,

I will take your advice to good use ^^

- Atlantis :
I've got all max molly and monstro, I switch depend of the encounter... Actually trying to pass 9th seal.
I don't like more convert like Florice or Daesang because, it's hard to have 6 combo if your entire board is full of water (so one is enouth to my taste : my Pisces)

- Ophiuchus :
HE is so great :p, it's so fun to play with...
I'm looking forward to grab shyplant when she come back :p and for Yvette It's a noob mistake from my early days...
Alma VS Qi Tian Di, that is the question. ^^

- Xiahou Dun :
You are right, not a great leader.... I pass

- Apollo VR :
You are right, with this version no need of full converter like YWT, but it seem I've lack of interesting light follower...
I thinks I will switch to the dark side...Smile

- Artemis VR :
I'm thinking this team
Artemis - Gemini - Alma - Qi Tian Di - Tawil - Artemis
...And maybe switch one of them to dark zeus...
...I also heard about 'Hel', skill with heal with dark rune... (don't find on wiki U_U)

Yes that dark team sounds pretty good. Dark actually hasn't gotten a proper meta leader in like a year but it's exceptional followers keep it at the top, at least for now. If you're planning to switch out something, switch out Tawil, she's human and god runes don't really benefit humans, even if it's not a full board.

Here's a link to Hel's stage. Remember that it only unlocks once you beat all the main story stages in Age of Heroic Spirits and is only available on Tuesdays. 

Check the wiki to see if you've completed all the prerequisites and you should be good to go.
PR: FED OoD, WE Newborn Elves, Aloha, Dipankara etc.
VR: FEL Greek, WFEL Crimson Grace, ED Norse, Daji
Rares: Atlantis, Maya, Azathoth, Ghroth, Daoloth, Rose, Sakura, Ophiuchus, Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Amaterasu, Izanagi, Chessia, Abraham, Uncle Tuu, Xiahou Dun
LF: VR Greeks  Heart

ID: 21218485
Artemis - Gemini - Alma - Qi Tian Di - Tawil - Artemis

The problem with this dark team is that all of them are self attack boosters and self attack boosters don't stack very well.

That is to say that if Gemini is an overall 1.8x damage boost and Alma is an overall 1.5x damage boost, then you don't get 1.8x1.5 = 2.7x damage with them together, you only get 2.3x. And if you account for Tawil and QTD, the effectiveness of each additional member gets worse.

QTD is more of a board clearer than a booster. You can make an argument for using Alma in stages where you need high damage near the beginning, since Pollux is hard to charge in VR Greek. Tawil , you should just trade for something else, like VR Odin.
ID: 40 944 239  
Ally: Khaos (Dbl Max).
Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): VR Greek (FELD), Ophiuchus, Lu Bu, Mastema, Azazel, Izanagi, Rose, Daoloth, etc.

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