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Another Dumb Beginner Question
As the title's said, here's another dumb question.
Both the team leader and allies have their own leader skills and so when you're in a match, you have 2 leader skills active. But here's a thing, If I have a leader and an ally that both have something like Human Attack x3, then will the multiplier stack up? Or you only get x3?

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They will stack e.g. in that example you would get 3X from the leader and 3X from the ally.

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Also important to note is that leader skills are mostly multipliers, i.e. you'll get 3x3=9x damage for a pair of 3x leaders. The exceptions are mostly chance-based boosts (aside from Metallic Dragons, most other percentages will add up) and Daji (who adds on to the combo bonus percentage for damage.

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