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Ancient Coin Seal Apr 10 (Mon) - Apr 17 (Mon)
I think I'll share my misery too.

6 draws to reach 100 Ancient Coins:
- Elizabeth (new and water, yay!)
- Norvi (new and dark, yay!)
- Dodo (new)
- Poseidon (dupe...)
- Persephone (the third...)
- Lü Lingshuang (new, would've been nice if I had Lü Bü...)
Ancient one:
- Effing dupe Yocto...

I won't draw again until new series or Dragon Servitor rate up (yeah, I know their kinda meh right now, but I NEED a dragon team...).  :_(

Best luck,


needed 8 draws to get an ancient coin
new , Luna, Water keeper(x2) , Sumatra

coin draw, wukong

not complaining

I did another 2 x 10 diamond seal draws, it is all dupes except for 1 new Tefnut.
the 200 ancient coins from the 2 x 10 diamond seal draw did not give me any new cards, Izanagi and Phanes.

did a 10 diamond seal

-dupe genie
-dupe todd
-dupe morris
-dupe kejourou
-dupe ali baba
-dupe achiles
-dupe azazel
-dupe pilatus
-new modi & magni
-new phanes

1 ancient coin - dupe bull king

since i had 50 coins already, did another 5 pull

-dupe ursula
-dupe SGB
-dupe medea
-dupe namtar
-new gretchen & heisenberg

1 more ancient draw - new chessia

idk about complaining but i at least feel happy for some new cards :>
From 10x Diamond seal:
Luna (4th or 5th)
Alibaba (New! Maxed feeders for this guy twice already)
Jack (dupe)
Medea (dupe)
Cassandra (dupe)
Inanna (dupe)
Lü Bu (New! only missing Achilles now)
Yuki-Onna (dupe)
Swegde (3rd dupe)
Matryoshka (New! finally completed my Toy collection)

From the Ancient Coins:
Cao Cao (dupe)
Abaddon (new)

Overall great cards pulled but mostly already owned.

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Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

SM History Chart | Amel List
Active Skill Catalog (Spreadsheet)
4 diamon seal draw

-scrubia (dupe)
-rosa sisters (new)
-cateua & ravniss (new)
-dragon spiritor water (new)

1 ancient coin seal

-haza (new)
85 919 89 ~ add me
usual allies Satan (Max lvl n skill) Izanagi (Max lvl n skill) Lancelot (Max lvl n s.lvl 7)Azazel (w.i.p)
lf satan,izanagi,lancelot, azazel allies and everyone who wants to be my friend
Did 14 draws and 2 ancient. Don't remember which dupe cards I got, but I only got 1 new card from the 10 draw and that was Freyja (sp? Earth Norse)

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Managed to get 5 diamonds in order to reach 100 coin. DREW FIRE YAN BOIS. Dun.
[Image: kkkeFG7.png]
ID: 67339257
played 100 diamonds. 2 10-seal draw. got 1 anubis from the 1st 10-seal draw, then another anubis from the 2nd ancient coin seal draw lol (Guan yu is what i want though)
(04-10-2017, 08:15 AM)Nyuu Wrote: did 2 ancient draws and 13 diamond draws:
no dupes from diamond:

3rd chessia Confused
Satan non-dupe

Overall 65 Diamonds, for satan and belz wasnt that bad, was expecting way worse outcome as chinese draw event, 200 diamonds gave me only one non-dupe back then.

10 more draw => nothing
1 more ancient draw => chinese bull, not dupe but still not going to use that one

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