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Age of the Kami Diamond seal draw
I'll try for Izanagi on Friday...I am thinking this team

Izanagi, DBK, DBK, Rakshasa, Circe, Izanagi

As I said, my Furi is untrained so I think Circe would be better. Plus also Circe is better than x1.5 right? Alternatively PR Athena is another option instead of Circe.

Or since Izanagi doesn't really need a lot of converters, maybe I can drop one bull and use both:

Izanagi, DBK, Rakshasa, Athena, Circe, Izanagi

Large variety of allies, ID 79172307 (Current main ally all max Megumin)

Been playing since March 2015. Level 300+

Retired from TOS. Only playing semi-actively. Message me on Discord if you need me: CursedBlackCat#7801
Yep, I really suggest those team

Ive runned this team now, raksha make with iza active at least 2M damage for every attack while hp is 25k and dbk make more than 800-900k (with 9 combo plus one other runestone combo and one earth more by skydrop for a total of 11 combo, i did 2.2M and dbk 1M) ... rec globally sucks but iza active compensate that. Note that matrioska can give you a really huge help if recovery is needed (active as furi need heart dissolved every round to provide rec x2)

5x inari
2x kagutsuchi
1x kushinada
Wtf madhead I drew during the 200% event what am I supposed to do with all these shit cards?
[Image: 2b4989c4.jpg]
i draw 4 times....all Susanoo >.<"

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