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After "constant crashes" now let's enjoy "constant unable to connect to server"
All right, I like this game. I have been playing for more than four years already. But nowadays I keep wondering why I even bother anymore.

I used to play on a perfectly fine iPad 2 capable of running 3d games with no problem, ToS was an exception, of course. Continuous and ridiculous crashes that were never solved even when I reported them to the company. They were aware but no solution was found or maybe even searched.

Right, so I had to ditch my perfectly ok iPad 2 and borrow a little mid-end phone where, oh, ToS surprisingly run fine. I solved the absurdly frequent crashes but now the problem was and is the server: the English server. Constant "Unable to connect to server" flood my screen for every little action I take. And when I finally manage to connect to the damned server always bad side-effects seem to happen: arena battles are not accounted for but energy is lost nevertheless, cards I intend to buy only once are all of a sudden bought three times... I have not been playing this game lately, I have been suffering this game.

I feel like they are telling me, or us, a constant bad joke that gets worse and worse by the minute.

I just needed to tell this, and if someone out there feels the same, you are not alone.


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