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Advance Rune Movements Guide
I used to use diagonal moving a lot. After i got familiar with the patterns, I only use it near the end or when I absolutely have to. I started diagonal moving when i played the game, to this day, i think it is still not that reliable. Lol

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I tend to have more success doing the diagonal movement in my android phone. Has anyone got an explanation for that?
Screen size is only very slightly bigger like 3.7 or 3.8 vs 3.5 inch so I don't think that's it.

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This is definitely not a bug, it was practiced way before and can be seen in Ario's video how skillful it was executed ..

It is definitely achievable, just plenty of practice.. i think the screen size does not matter that much? Bigger isnt always better

i find it easier to do on my personal phone (HTC One) than my work phone (Iphone) too.. i think having a screen size you're comfortable with is important, the iphone is just way too small and i make mistakes too often i think.
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never do try regular movement on an Ipad or tablet, lol. I accidentally open up Solar Sirius last week with iPad and movement across bigger area was very very bad idea. More distance = more time and in Sirius battles, 2s! ouch!!! I will never do that again. :-( Diagonal will reduce time to travel
Apparently this seems new to many people. :/

I remember one time I was preoccupied with something and I had to use my left hand to hold my Phone and my left thumb to move the runestones.

Surprisingly my combo didn't really drop.

What I hate about diagonal movement is that I have to do it slowly, because when I do it quickly and mess up, it messes up my flow, rhythm, leaves me looking at it for a short while before taking action to fix my combos.

For more combos, what you're actually trying to do is make as many combos without trapping yourself. Once you make a match, if you move a gemstone through it, the match is no longer there. I always try to preserve as much space as possible so that there're no gaps, and therefore I can make more combos easily.

What are you guys' strategies for getting combos? Mine is to find as many patterns or opportunities for matches, and try to make all of them in time.
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I still don't get the cut technique. Is it move rune diagonally across the screen? Then the other diagonal runes all left out?

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