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Accumalated sign in not working today
Anyone had issues with the accumalated sign in not working today? Never had issues before. Today I was playing a level at the end of the day. The level finished in the new day. The slot machine has my tick for login for the day, however the button is blacked out to sign in. I am a day short of sign in and the "Personal Mission Records" totem has 0/1 for accumalated sign in count but even when I link from there "Sign In" is blacked out.
Anyone else having/had this issue?

Yes I have the same problem. I emailed mh but no response yet =(

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
They posted on fb that they are working on it *shrugs*

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[GOS] Oriceles. UID: 64,287,068
Common adjutants: All Norse Gods, Chessia, Abraham, Barbara, and Lu Bu.
I'm Guild of Saviors president, and we are looking for members.
Email them. They will send u another dupe to compensate.

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