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Account recovery
Hello there;

i stopped playing late 2017 and found a random ToS YT Video in my recommendations and it made me want to play the game again. I also realized that there was a migration progress. After a quick google search i found a formular that i had to send to the ToS support email. I provided screenshots of my inventory (had them saved shortly before i lost interest); my UID and my purchase history from 2015 till end of 2017 (I had prior purchases but i thought that would be enough)

I got this respons from Madhead now:

And tbh im an in shock. That so many years of playing the game and collecting over a thousand unique cards they just tell me to start anew.

Does anyone know by happen chance if there is another way to contact support to get my account restored? I dont think its fair that you do not get a single notice per Email or sms that this migration progress was happening and the moment you notice its "to late" because for whatever reason.


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