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Account Recovery Help
After 3 years of quitting Tower of Saviors, I've decided to recover my account through Madhead's customer support.

They asked me a lot of questions such as "what device I used", "what's my most used team" and "what's my most used ally", etc..
I've managed to answer all of these questions because I've only frequented one team (in my signature) and my ally was my waifu so I never changed her. Plus I had 300+ screenshots of my own account in my hard drive which I also sent as further proofs, but it all came down to my purchase history.

Without any purchase history, Madhead's customer support would constantly respond saying that I provided insufficient evidence even though I sent a very lengthy respond that answered to all their questions. 

The reason that I do not have a purchase history is because I have only did micro-transaction in ToS ONCE, with a physical receipt (Mol-Points). There was no virtual log anywhere to keep track of this. I also stated to Madhead's customer support that my account has only had ONE micro-transaction in its lifetime, but that wasn't proof enough either. 

The reason I lost my account was because I deleted my Facebook account (which my ToS account was binded to). I did not have it bind to anywhere else.

I'm posting it on here because I'm hoping a Madhead employee would be lurking and I might have the chance to interact with an actual person who can assist me and not robots who respond with pre-written messages.

My signature is my account that I lost.

[Image: 64ae2b8e.jpg]
You might have better luck sending them a DM through their Facebook page. I don't think they really frequent this forum.

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