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About GE Title
Current GE is my first GE after like 2 years and the system changed. (Back then it was still the trophy/dolls method)

When i check the title "Sun shooting archery god", it says needs to complete 24 mini missions and it says 0/12. 
I know the 24 mini missions is from the bingo and the 12 is meant to be the 5 columns + 5 rows + 2 diagonals.

My question is, am i suppose to just clear every mini mission ONCE or i have to say clear one mini mission lets say "use fire leader 100 times" alone 100 times?

Gimme some time.... I was away from forum for a loooooooong time. This... feels... weird... xD

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Your guild needs to complete all of the mini missions (although I am sure they don't mind if you help). You only need to score 200 points.
If you get zero in a particular mission it does not matter.

I usually don't do any missions, just the score required to get all the rewards, I know my guild mates will try to fill all the missions to not miss anything.

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you want to get 650 points minimum for that harpy

otherwise just look at the objectives to see where you can help. This event you can think about working for the 25k dragonic compulsion or the 8 rounds or the 18 combos everything else just kind of falls into place if you have a decent guild

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