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[AC Slackers] (L10 almost 11) Casual Guild welcomes anyone to apply
We're welcoming new members to apply to the guild.

We're a casual bunch of people, out to play TOS and have fun. There are no requirements to join the guild. We just hope that you'll be active. As casual as we are, we secured all guild awards in all events except for 1 (The Saruman SM one when the guild system just started).

Our guild number is 1563. Feel free to apply. We'll approve. Smile

PM iamacow (my id 25529032) if you want to join the guild chat on Whatsapp. We talk rubbish 1/4 of the time, chat about pokemon, make jokes, and request for allies for TOS (Since we have almost every card in the game, maxed by someone or another in the game). Of course, we do request/share strategies/team builds all the time too.

Guild make up: Singaporeans, Malaysians, Australians, American, Hong Konger, Indonesians, Vietnamese

Hello dear TOS fanatics, we're back to recruiting again for our guild 1563(Level 14).

Its a stress free and casual guild with no prior "no lowbies" policy as requirement. We only ask to be active and friendly. Exceptions can be arranged as per requested.

Our achievement includes MAX reward for every guild event thus far but no shiny guild name....

But, what about communication you asked? There's a optional whatsapp group chat where you can join and talk with fellow guildmates from all over the world to ask for allies,strategys or just have a casual chat with them.

We look forward to having new players, veterans or even returnees to join us. May the false god of the tower be brought down.


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