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[50 Slots available] Ragnarök, Level 18, EN Server RANKED #1 for BOTH GE & JO
Hi, i would like to join your guild.
IGN : [TOS] Atlas
Lvl : 155
Best deck : fire greek all maxed with zues
Decks under construction : norse light mono, earth greek , dragon deck (all cards ready but haven't lvled them to max yet)
Allies : all max hep, max lvl Pr thor

Hi, I would like to the join the guild, I've recently left my guild mighty claw (top 100) a few days ago in pursue of other opportunities. I hope you will accept me in this guild. I active everyday. I can donate 300,000 every week and as entry fee i can donate 1m due to lack of coins but I am willing to spam golden and greedy day to get the money needed if necessary. It would be really nice if i could be accepted.

In-Game Name: KRISH
UID: 58117582
Level: 130
Ally(s): All Max AoD, 6* Daji (Not pr'd, leveling up and obtaining pr elements)


[Image: 16qCtvM.jpg]
Hi Guild ldr,
I would like to join the guild. some of my details as follow:

IGN: k3nny
Level: 243
Best deck: Full apollo deck, Fire greek, water norse, dark norse. Partial dragon deck.

I am based in Asian and i wasnt a pay to play player, but was lucky enough to be blessed with some good card draws.

Hope this is not a limitation for the request to join.
Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Hi Charles,
I would like to join the guild for a casual and max reward achieving guild. Stated below are my details:

IGN: k3nny
UID: 52877856
Level: 243
Deck: Full apollo ml deck, dio deck, hep deck, water norse, dark norse pr odin. Partial dragon deck. etc

I am based in Asean. I wasnt a full pay to play player but was lucky enough to be blessed with some good draws, and cleared most SM.

Hope this wont be a restriction. Wish to hear from you soon. Thx

rdgs, k3nny
Hey I would like to join u guys . I am a very dedicated player to tos. And I play everyday
I always among the top 20 in guild event and always compete guild missions so can I join u guys?

[Image: 632596842f1113246bfdbd5db6af8087.jpg]
Thanks for the interest, but will only bother replying to people who reads the first post of this thread. My apologies, and thanks!
[Image: 16qCtvM.jpg]
[Image: 16qCtvM.jpg]
How many inactives do your guild have?
Hi I am interested to join.
I am very active.

IGN:M2 H20
Best decks: Dark norse mono, light norse mono, light grrek, hades with enchantress, 
UID: 63186783

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