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[50 Slots available] Ragnarök, Level 18, EN Server RANKED #1 for BOTH GE & JO
Hello everyone. My name is Charles. We are the highest ranking English server guild for both guild event and joint operations since 2015. We are looking for active players who can commit to our requirements. We have around 50 slots to spare, and we're keen to bring in everyone from non functional guild to our stable and progressive guild (Requirement applies).
MUST be literate to at least READ this post.
Have a facebook account to join guild facebook group.
Contribute high points for guild event.
Preferably 2k+ guild points.
At least 40 individual jo counts.
Have a decent deck.

Be friendly and respectful.
Able to clear most SM/GM stages.

Pay-to-Play player.
Responsible player.
Interactive player.
Team player.
There's no level restriction. No donation requirement. You want a good guild, I want good members. Let's help each other.
Eligible and interested parties please PM ME IN FACEBOOK:
Provide the following details:
1. TOS Summoner Level
2. Your best decks/cards
3. Recent guild point contributed if applicable

No time wasters please. We do not want to recruit people who cannot adapt to the guild's progress. We are fine with new players with potential, but not leechers. Upon approval, you will be required to join our guild group where news and announcement will be made, a friendly environment better than the TOS Fan Groups with lots of nonsense and idiocy, where u can get personal and genuine help on building decks, stage walkthrough etc. Thanks

[Image: 16qCtvM.jpg]
I wanna be part of this team. Here are my details.

IGN : Scaler
Level : 212 (280 days logged in)
Best deck: I don't have a best deck but I got multiple decks up and ready to go. 
                 Eg. Greek Fire/earth/light, Dragon, Fiend Water/Fire, Norse Water/Light/Earth, Hades, Saruman and many more.
Recent guild points : 670 ( Din play much as most of my present guild's members are not active)

Hi I would Like to join your guild. My IGN is Zekken (42981080)
I am a level 105 Very Active being able to online almost the whole day except school hour. I mostly use earth mono and PR dragon decks.
I may be low level but if asked would do the best for a guild. Reason i left guild previous guild is too much inactive. For the guild point I cant give it since i didnt keep track of it. Srry :3

Pmed the both of you
[Image: 16qCtvM.jpg]
Would like to join your guild.. Am a very active player, online everyday and participates in all even as much as my stamina allows. Here are my details : 

IGN : PandaRex97
UID : 61258385
Current Level : 142
Current Team : Light Greek(Best Team), 

Currently working on Saruman team.
Yep PMed
[Image: 16qCtvM.jpg]
I wanna join im always active good collecter of guild points and donating great millions of GOLD .
Have Facebook and using it .
IGN : Lubu
UID : 23909082
Current Lv : 162
Current Team : Light Greek (Best team)
And other good teams and cards
IGN : Dot-ta
UID : 53976682
Current level : 117

Current team : Mixed beast team
Best card for now is Archimandrite of Earth, but currently working on a mixed gods team (persephone, carrie and court of leo) and a mono water deck.
IGN : MY SlaJaZz
UID : 29,705,923
Current level : 127

Current team : Daji,Artemis Maxed Dark team
Best card for now is Daji of coz :p

IGN: [TOS]Atlas
UID: 62153128
Lvl : 155
Best deck : Fire greek all max with zeus(have light norse mono still in training)
Allies : ALL MAX hep, max lvl PR thor
Active everyday, current guild too inactive.

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