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5 Years of TOS - Our thoughts and expectations
How bout The Eight Immortals Cross the Sea (八仙過海 bā xiān guò hǎi).
8 cards, perfectly fit special seal draw for CNY or chinese related celebration.

I've been playing this game for 16 months and I'm loving it. Admittedly puzzle games like this one are not my cup of tea as I'm usually more into turn-based card games or RPGs but I went ahead and tried anyway. I've been hooked ever since. My first ever card was Namtar. Haven't even made it into PR as I have very poor spinning skills and I can't make multiple columns to complete the PR stage to save my life XD. The first few months have been a complete struggle, not gonna lie. Up to the point that I've wondered whether it was worth continuing. What helped me through most of the game content thus far is my Chessia. Very flexible team and easy to use even for someone like me who can't spin well, has good recovery, and can pretty much have any fire member and be decent. Obtained Medea, Roccoco, Heimdallr and Bedivere over time to complete the roster and am satsified with the results. Sure Chessia is outclassed now by a lot of things (I'm using either Daoloth or Rose team most of the time now) but I have a nice fondness for the card and I eagerly await the day it gets Amel/PR.

As for what I want to see, 2 things off the top of my head:

1) The stages that lets you try out the new custom teams using the set rares should last the whole patch and not just a few days into the patch. Lower stamina cost would also be nice (0 would be ideal). It helps people practice the new teams, especially those that did not really rush to draw. Most people wait for the rare draw rate up anyway, which is not until later on in the patch. Like in my case, I wasn't really keen to get the rares and more interested in the commons (long-term card effects FTW). Unfortunately, I got Sun Ce from a random draw and I wish the stages are still there to refresh me on how to play the team.

2) Maybe they can make a Valentine's Day seal card draw event. It goes like this: Upon drawing a card from this seal, you get a free card which pairs with the one you drew.

TOS lore has a surprisingly large number of pairings and it would be interesting to integrate them in the mechanics somehow:

Abadon x Beelzebub
Apollo x Cassandra
Izanagi x Izanami
Satan x Bael
Leo x Pisces
Virgo x Taurus
Elizabeth x Jack
Yuki-onna x Ootengu
Dumuzi x Inanna
Kejourou x Shuten-doji
Susanoo x Kushinada

... Just to name a few pairings. Adding team skills when the pair is in the same team can also be done. Kinda fun if this happens though. XD


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