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30th Dec Card Draw Bonus for 3 Kingdoms
So far 70 dimes spent in this seal. No trace of Guan Yu, but also no trace of Cao Cao or Lü Bu. That means that after 14 pulls all I have gotten is filler cards.

At this point...

[Image: tumblr_lggp8wkhwa1qcgqbj.jpg]

EDIT: One more draw got me the umpteenth Qiao sisters, so 75 diamonds wasted. Am I mad now?, nah, not giving a damn about it anymore.

EDIT 2: Another draw, a Liu Bei, so what would be 80 diamonds wasted. I'm guessing this seal is just a joke, but nah, still not mad, actually slightly amused.

I have merched 6 LU Bus. still no Guan Yu. I give up T_T unlike Artemis there is no use for a full Lubu team.

ID: 54962818

add me no black cards plz

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